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The PA Educator Certification Test (PECT): PreK-4 Core & Professional Knowledge Modules: ‘Computer-based Test Code | Qualifying Score | Student Score | Module 1: Child Development, Leaming & Assessments; | 8006 197 Collaboration & Professionalism Module 2: Language & Literacy Development 007 18 Module 3: Mathematics, Science & Health 8008 193 [Bun Teaser @ Goneta Ca. Sehoal Syston Newnan ust maran grade of Bo beer fee [ust mariain grace a Jcoursowerk ana ave a minum cum GPA| Core Pedagogy Courses - (42 credits) [o30torcerticaton. Nowra Tem Ofte ‘Minimum “B™ grade required for certification QnCampus Online Grade F/Sp all EDUC 520" Professional Studies in Instruction Scr ae FSp all EDUC 542* Fundamentals of Special Education Bera wsu = wisu EDUC 506 Assessment of Young Learners Ber A WSp — wiSu EDUC 513. Science Teaching Methods: PreK-4 Ber A Fisu F/Sp EDUC 517* Math Methods & Content: PreK~4 Ber A Wn = WiSu EDUC 521 Typical & Atypical Child Development 3er. A Wsa WiSu EDUC 525 Multimedia in Instructional Design Ber Fis Fisp EDUC 529* Early Literacy Ber sp all EDUC 539 Expressive Arts Ber FIWISp—-FIWISp EDUC 544 Inclusive Classroom 3cr Be isu PSpSu EDEX 546 Literacy Development Ber SpSu—Sp/Su EDUC 555 Social Suudies Teaching Methods: PreK-4 3er, A FSp FWAp EDUC 565 Foundations in Instructing ELLs Ber A Fw FAW EDUC 540* Graduate Student Teaching with Seminar 3er_ _Fal4=ACST “EDUC 50, 517,599,512. PAP. UG conten verse fed sone el ont neestly comet being EDUC 580 Completion ofall the above requirements allows for recommendation for PA Instructional I certification. Professional Electives (3 credits) Course ID Course Title Credits Grade spucTrsan5 Sustainabiity 2 5 ove 776-008 ie nine Colborne Tae 1s a Master of Science ree awarded for successful completion of rduate credits. Revised 3/1/2012