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Kaylee Anderson

FHS 2400- 10AM


Identify three people (it would be best if both sexes and a variety of ages were represented).
Individually, ask each person to define "What is a family?" Your paper should include your
subjects gender, marital status, and approximate age as well as their complete response to the
question. In addition to those three definitions, include your own definition. Note: Most people
will try to give "simple" answers. Encourage them to give complete thoughtful answers.

Family is a word often used on a day to day basis, but what is a family? A family is a
group of two people or more related by birth, marriage, or adoption and residing together; all
such people are considered as members of one family (Strong & Cohen, 2014, p. 11). I think
that family is your support system that can be actual family or anyone outside of that who has
been there loyally and consistently. Family requires total acceptance otherwise I dont see
someone really being able to support you completely through life. Family should be the people
you spend most of your spare time with. In order for someone to succeed I think you need
family, it is impossible to do it alone.
I decided to interview a few different people to get a better understanding of the word
family. The first person I asked is a single male, age eighteen; he said Family is people you can
trust. The people who are supposed to be your support throughout life are family. They dont
have to be blood related. You could consider your best friend to be family. You know, its just
the people who mean the most to you, I guess. Family should know you and what youre going
through especially if youre having a hard time.
I then asked a divorced, female, approximately forty years old. She said Family is the
people that you care about most. People you can tell anything to and you dont keep secrets
from. These are the people that come first in life or at least should.
One of the people I decided to ask is a married forty-seven year old with six children. She
answered in a way that most people usually would. She said, Well its a father, mother, and the
children. This is a perfect example of what is called a nuclear family, as it is discussed in the
book, the nuclear family, consisting of mother, father, and children (Strong& Cohen, 2014, p.

Oren is the final person I asked. He is twenty-five years old and happily married. He
said, To me the family can be a lot of things. It is part of who I am and what I will always be a
part of. The family is a support group and gives a sense of belonging. My family is a motivation
to be better and do better. My family carries a name and represents a legacy.
The last name of a family is something that identifies a family. The last name represents
where your ancestors and family come from. Family should provide companionship in your life.
A family goes through challenges together and never alone. Everyone has a family, including
people who arent blood related. Most importantly, families are unique, and what they mean to
an individual is even more so. No two families are the exact same as well as the values and
beliefs they hold. I hold my family close to my heart because without them in my life I would not
be who I am today.

Strong, B, Cohen, T. F. (2014). The Marriage and Family Experience: Intimate relationships in a
changing society (12th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth