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Diesels Afloat

Diesels Afloat

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Marine engine repair- how to- This help me, to understood marine engines troubleshooting
Marine engine repair- how to- This help me, to understood marine engines troubleshooting

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Published by: exmulator on Jan 05, 2010
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Older non-automotive engines have decompres-
sors. These allow the engine to be turned over with
no compression as an aid to starting or for main-
tenance by partially opening the exhaust valve. It’s



essential that this is adjusted so that there’s no con-
tact between the exhaust valve stem and the decom-
pressor arm when in the ‘parked’ position to avoid

You can’t hand start a diesel against compres-
sion, but if the decompressor(s) is/are used, the
engine can be rotated by hand up to a speed at
which it will start. Closing the decompressors will
then allow the engine to start. Some multi-cylinder
engines allow cylinders to be decompressed indi-
vidually. When up to speed, close only one decom-
pressor until the engine starts on one cylinder, then
close the rest.

With a low battery, starting with the decompressors
open will allow the depleted battery to turn the engine
fast enough to start, the decompressors can then be

Note that although the Volvo Penta 2000 series engines
have only one decompression lever, in the fully up po-
sition, all cylinders are decompressed. With the lever
moved to the left, only one cylinder is compressed to
allow starting on one cylinder.

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