5741Annexure Ratio Formulae

Annexure – Ratio formulae

Financial Performance TOI EBIDTA EBIDTA/TOI (%) Interest Depreciation Operating Profit (OP)

Formula (Sales - Excise Duty) + Other recurring income incidental to main business (1) Minus (Operating Expenses excl. Interest, Depreciation & Amortisation) (2)/(1) Interest on borrowings Depreciation for the year (2) Minus (4) Minus (5)

In case of any special item like lease rentals, amortisation etc., between EBIDTA & OP, it need to be calculated appropriately Non-operating Income Income not from normal course of business net of non-operating expenses PBT (6) Plus (7) PAT (8) Minus Tax (incl. Deferred Tax) PAT/TOI (%) (9)/(1) Net Cash Accruals PAT + Depreciation - Dividend + Non-cash charges+ Deferred Tax Provision Net fixed assets Net Fixed Assets Tangible Networth (TNW) Paid up share Capital + Reserves - Revaluation Reserves - Intangible assets (patents, goodwill, prelim. Expenses, bad / doubtful expenses not provided for etc.) Exposure in subsidiaries Investments + Loans and Advances /Group Cos. Investments Investments in subsidiaries / group companies Loans and advances Loans & Advances subsidiaries / group companies Adjusted TNW (ATNW) (13) Minus (14) Long term debt (LTD) Debt greater than one year (term loans, debentures, preference shares, DPGs, other term liabilities) excluding installments due within one year Short term debt (STD) Debt due within one year (includes demand loans, unsecured loans etc.) but excluding Working Capital Finance as given in (18) below Working Capital Bank Secured and unsecured working capital availed Finance from the Banks (include, Bills discounted / purchased, Cash Credit / WCDL, Demand loans, Export finance etc.) Total Debt (16) Plus (17) Plus (18) Total Debt /TNW (19)/(13) LTD/ TNW (16)/(13) TOL/TNW (Total Current Liabilities + Total Term liabilities +Deferred Tax Liability) / (13) TOL/ ATNW (Total Current Liabilities + Total Term liabilities

Total Current Assets Total Current Liabilities Net working capital Current ratio ROCE (%) Interest cover Total debt/ NCA DSCR

+Deferred Tax Liability) / (15) All assets with maturity less than one year Total liabilities with maturity less than one year, including installments of term liabilities / DPGs due within one year (24) Minus (25) (24)/(25) {(6) + (4) + Lease rentals} / {Net fixed Assets + Investments + Total current assets - Provisions Sundry creditors + Outstanding lease rentals} {(9)+ (5) + amortisation + (4) + lease rentals + deferred tax provision} / {(4) + lease rentals} (19)/(11) {(9)+deferred tax provision+ depreciation + amortisation + lease rentals + long-term interest}/{lease rentals + long-term interest + long term repayments}

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