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Important Health Tips

Important Health Tips

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Health Tips
Health Tips

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Published by: hassan4ur5759 on Jan 05, 2010
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Health - Important Tips

Answer the phone by LEFT ear
لاوجلا فتاهلاب تاملاكمل !"#$لا %&'ا ()*+,ا

-o not .r/n0 1o22ee T345E a .ay
(و$لا 67 8وه9لا :; :$&اج<7 :; "=>? @"Aت B
-o not ta0e p/CCs w/th 5DDL water
8EF"Gلا )H)I Jا; K; LHFEBا Mا"NاF @وGOلا لFا<+ت B
-o not haPe QRSE TeaCs a2ter UpT
LVا#لا )Wب Lم,E تاGXF لFا<+ت B U اJا#;
Ye.Z1e the aToZnt o2 TEA yoZ 1onsZTe
ا$;وH [لFا<+ت \]لا \اAلا L$م> :; ^N
Ye.Z1e the aToZnt o2 OILY 2oo. yoZ 1onsZTe
8EاWلا 67 اهلFا<+ت 6+لا _و`)لاب LWGAملاF Lم,)لا LمWabا L$م> :; ^N
-r/n0 Tore WATER /n the Torn/ncd Cess at n/cht
^$لا :; "=>?F اeاGf Jاملا @"I :; "=>?
geep yoZr ./stan1e 2roT han. phone
:OAلا Jا<h? لاوجلا فتاهلا :V )W+با
-o not Zse hea.phonesiearphone 2or LONG per/o. o2
LHوa تا"+jل :$&'bا تاVام, ()*+#ت B
kest sCeep/nc t/Te /s 2roT 10pm at n/cht to 6am /n
the Torn/nc
LVا#لا :; (و<لا lلm Eو*ل nNF ^o7? pq l+eF اJا#; r اeاGf
-o not C/e .own /TTe./ateCy a2ter ta0/nc medicine
be2ore sCeep/nc
%+HFEb %لFا<ت )Wب 8"IاG; 69+#ت B
3hen battery /s .own to the LAST cr/.ibard .o not
answer the phone as the ra./at/on /s pqqq t/Tes
_? s$e ا)X Lj$Wt LHuاvGلا n&ا> ا w'ا Lملاك; LHا lV xجت BF ^y+ت B
LjVاo; _وكت zاهجلا اه9vH 6+لا تاVاWIBا pqqq 8";
Forwar. th/s to those whoT yoZ CARE aboZt

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