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Substitute Teaching

Lacy Boyer

Seneca High School May 2012

High School Diploma

Crowder College Technical Education Center May 2012

CDA (Child Development Associate) Certificate

Crowder College December 2014

Associate of Arts Teaching Degree

Teaching Assistant Curiosity Corner Learning Center May 2012 August 2014

Prepare lesson materials, bulletin board displays, and teach under

Head teacher supervision

Tutor and assist children individually and in small groups

Supervise students in classroom, hallway, cafeteria, and recess

Enforce administration policies and rules governing students

Teachers Aid-Unpaid Seneca Elementary School: K August 2012- May 2012

Grade homework and tests, compute and record results

Discuss assigned duties with classroom teacher in order to coordinate

Instructional efforts

Laminate teaching materials to increase their durability under repeated


Teaching Attributes

Able to accurately assess the academic and development needs of pupils

Strong interpersonal skills

Using appropriate judgement to act in the best interest of students at all


Ability to clearly understand and follow directions from head teacher

Knowledge of proceedures like discipline and classroom evacuation

Always respecting the confidentiality of students and school

Personelle information
Personal Skills

Team Oriented

Student Focused

Relationship Building



Dr. 417-658-6146
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To obtain a position as a Substitute Teacher where I may be able to benefit the
Institute by implementing my extensive educational and teaching background
In the classroom.

October 29, 2014

Shana Hight
Seneca Elementary School
1815 St. Eugene Street
Seneca, MO 64865

Dear Mrs. Hight,

I am very enthusiastic to apply for the Substitute Teacher position at Seneca

Elementary School. I perfectly understand the districts mission and goals and am
Confident in my ability to become a great asset to the district in the role of a
Substitute teacher.
During my education and prior work experience as a teachers aide, I have developed
Skills and capabilities relevant to Substitute Teachers job responsibilities. This
Includes; a thoughough understanding of behavior management strategies,
Optimistic point of view, a strong desire to deliver, understanding work ethic,
Exceptional communication skills, and a profound ability to work as a part of a
Strong interdisciplinary team.
I am very excited at the prospect of working as a Substitute Teacher in a great
Facility such as Seneca Elementary where I will be able to make the most of my
Potential capabilities. My strong references also give me a solid base to my job
As a fresh and passionate Substitute Teacher, I would like to meet with you in
Person so as to discuss my teaching skills in detail. I will call your office in a weeks
Time to set up an interview with you. Moreover, I will be available on my cell at
(417) 658-6146 if you woul like to contact me in the meantime.
Thank you for your time and your consideration.


Lacy Boyer