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Creft 1

Amber Creft
Professor Zicherman
UWRT 1101
November 5,2014
My Experience of the Genre Project
Lisa and I began this genre project with no idea where we were going to begin. The day
we were assigned the topic we began looking into different topics of what we were going to discuss. We finally found one. We decided to do the topic of the celebrity nudes being leaked. It
seemed like a very controversial topic and one that had many different genres to it.
The first three genres we chose to do were a daily news article, a fox news video, and a
tweet from twitter. We thought these genres were all credential in showing perspectives from the
victims of the nudes as well as from the individuals who were just observant of the nudes. They
all did a fine job in giving enough information about the topic. Social media was a big aspect of
the celebrity news so the twitter genre was perfect for our topic. The daily news article gave us a
more detailed description on individuals who were actually exposed, and the fox news video focused more on the hacking aspect of the celebrity nude pictures. All three genres were very expressive and as a result perfect for our topic. We then chose three more genres we thought would
express our celebrity nude hacking topic as well. The first was a magazine article, then a TMZ
like post, and finally an Instagram post. The magazine article we thought would be good due to
its exposure of information and elaboration of the content. The TMZ like post was even better
because they focus on exactly celebrity news. Finally the Instagram post was another good use of
genre because it, like twitter is another social media tactic where celebrity news becomes very
real. We did not consider many other genres because the six that we chose were all very expres-

Creft 1
sive of our topic. We did consider other social media genres like Facebook, but because we had
already used one we figured another one would be too much.
All the genres we chose have many different qualities that define them. To begin with the
Daily news genre, it is an article. The audience of this article are young adults and internet bloggers. Other qualities that describe the daily news article are the surveys that it included, the fact
that it had factual and opinionated information, and pictures and quotes. It was a bias article and
had discourse modes such as report, information, and description. All these different qualities are
what define the daily news genre. For the Twitter genre, some qualities it included were that its
audience focus on young teens, and individuals who tweet. Other qualities included that it was
opinionated and the fact that you can only use up to 140 characters a tweet. Its discourse included information, description, and argument but the discourse can very in this genre depending on
who is making the tweet. For the Fox news genre it took on different qualities as well. The audience consist of individuals who watch the news, and older adults. Also qualities that defined this
genre were the fact that it was a video, factual, bias, had many sources, and open to the public.
Its discourse was report, information, and description. For the three genres we chose, different
qualities defined them as well. For Instagram genre the qualities included it being for Instagram
users and the fact that only pictures can be posted. The discourse mode used was description.
The purpose of this Instagram post was to express that celebrity nudes keep being revealed. The
Magazine article genre is for individuals who would read that particular magazine. Other qualities of the magazine are the pictures included in the article and the ads surrounded by it. The discourse modes used were information, description, and report. Overall it provided information of
celebrities nudes in an entertaining way. Lastly for the Celebrity news article (TMZ) different

Creft 1
qualities can be seen. For instance in can be seen on T.V. and the internet. It is both opinionated
and factual and it includes pictures in the articulation of the information. The discourse modes
involved in it were information, report, and description. The overall purpose of the celebrity
news post was to discuss a specific celebrity attacked and keep up with the latest news. Overall
the different qualities that define each genre range from their audience, discourse modes, genres,
and overall purpose.
When transferring information from one genre to another we had to consider audience,
the content of our information, word choice, and length. We also had to consider discourse and
purpose. The audience was one of the major things we had to consider when deciphering between the different genres. Depending on your audience will depend on how your approach is.
You more than often want to appeal to your audience so it is important to consider them when
writing. Content is also something we had to consider because that is the deciding factor as to
wheat will go into the genre piece. Word choice is important as well because depending on if it is
more casual or formal would depict what types of words you would use. The length also came
into play for instance twitter is only 140 characters, Instagram is about the length of a short sentence, and an article would be about a page long. Discourse was one of the most important things
we had to consider as well. Wether their discourse modes were report, information, description,
narrative, argument, or instruction.
Through doing this project I have learned that Genres are used frequently
throughout our daily lives. At times, we arent even aware that we are using them. While most
people recognize genres as categories of literature and music - it holds a much bigger place in
our modern society. Almost everything that we write and compose is considered a genre. Genres

Creft 1
are created in order to help us. In closure, genre to me is a critical analysis of the purpose, formality and tone of a piece of literature or situation. Overall genres do come in many different
forms you just have to figure out what is best for your story. This project definitely helped in
depicting what a genre actually is.