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106-173 Web Technologies

Performance Assessment Task: Exploring Web Technologies

Points Possible = 100 points

Analyze how web technologies are used in business situations

Explore web tools
Explore social web tools
Use different web technologies to solve real world business issues/problems/situations

Performance Standards
You will demonstrate your competence:
by creating solutions to various scenarios
Your performance will be satisfactory when you:
provide a solution for each scenario

1. Read through each scenario and provide a solution for each of the situations. Make up whatever
information necessary to complete each scenario.
2. When finished, submit your work in E360.

Scenario 1: (10 points)
You work as an office assistant at Chippewa Valley Technical College. You have been asked to coordinate
a two-day summer retreat for all programs in the business division. Your manager has asked you to find
a date that works best for the retreat.

Scenario 2: (10 points)

You work as an administrative professional at the YMCA and assist your manager with contacting
coaches from local school districts via each districts web site. Your manager would like you to identify a
way that she can quickly access the school web sites from work or home. The school districts she needs
to access are: Eau Claire Memorial, Eau Claire North, Eau Claire Regis, Elk Mound, Altoona, Eleva-Strum,
Bloomer, Osseo-Fairchild, Mondovi, and Gilmanton

Scenario 3: (10 points)

You work for the Chippewa County Humane Association. You are in charge of planning the next
fundraiser event. You would like to find a web tool that you can utilize to keep track of all information
and share with board members. Information will include the date, map to venue, agenda, and to-do list.

Scenario 4: (10 points)

You work as an office assistant at Midwest Dental. Your manager wants to implement a new incentive
program. You are in charge of surveying the employees to find out what type of incentives they would
like. Survey must include five questions.

Scenario 5: (10 points)

You were recently hired at a small insurance office. The office does not have any word processing
software but your boss would like you to type the following letter.
March 5, 2014

Mr. Robert Smith

111 Wellness Way
Eau Claire, WI 54701
Dear Mr. Smith:
Thank you for stopping in to our office last week to discuss home insurance. It was nice meeting you!
Please let us know if there is additional information we can provide.

As a token of appreciation, I have included a coupon for 20 percent off on your next insurance policy.
Please let us know if this is something that interests you.
We look forward to doing business with you!

Todd Anderson
XYZ Insurance Company

Scenario 6: (10 points)

You work at Express Employment Professionals as an administrative assistant. You have been asked to
set up a web conference for your office. Please set up a Google+ Hangout event for the office, and invite

Scenario 7: (5 points)
You work for Menards. You have been asked to create a board in Pinterest. How would you do this?
Write out the instructions.
1. Open the internet and type the URL
2. Click Sign up, or log in with Facebook
3. In the right corner you will see your name appear- click it.
4. Your boards will show up
5. The first board you will see will have a dotted line around it with a plus sign and underneath
Create a board
6. Click the plus sign
7. Create a Board box will pop up. Create a name for your board. You also have a couple options to
write a description about the board, put in in a category, add a map, keep it a secret, or add
people that will be able to pin stuff to your board.
8. Click Create Board (red button)
9. You can now search for stuff to add to your board
Scenario 8: (10 points)
You work at the technology help desk at Mayo Health System. Your manager has asked you to write
step-by-step instructions telling how to use Screencast-o-matic and how to save a file. Write out the
1. Open up the internet and in the URL type
2. Create and account if you do not already have one


Click the blue start recording button in the top right corner
A screen will pop up and it will load and then it will show you.
Start the video.
When you are done click the stop button
When you are done on the right it should give you an option to save the video.
Save the video in your files

Scenario 9: (5 points)
You work in a team environment at Adecco. Your boss wants you to be in charge of setting up a system
so that your team can work collaboratively on a project. What would you suggest and why?
I would recommend Google Drive account. This is a great tool to use when you have to do group
projects. Everyone in your group will have access to the project and will be able to update it anytime
they want and everyone else will be able to see it. You can also work on the project at the same time as
everyone else and it will tell you what the person is doing. You can open up a chat when are you in the
document so you can talk about ideas. This is a much faster and more reliable way of working together.
A lot of people still use email and they send the document back and forth a million of times to show
their partner their work. When using Google Drive, you only have to upload the document once and
everyone will be able to edit it.
Scenario 10: (10 points)
You work for Visit Eau Claire. Your manager would like you to set up a blog. How would you do this?
Write out the instructions.
Open up the internet and type in the URL
If you do not have a google account, make one. Otherwise sign in with your google account.
Blogger will open
To start a new blog go to New Blog
You will create a title and address for your blog and pick out the template that will best fit what
you will be talking about.
You then can put anything into your blog. For example, links, quotes, pictures, etc.

Write a Scenario: (10 points)

Think of the tools we have used throughout the semester. How might a particular tool be used? Write
your own scenario for this tool.
You work at The Pink Umbrella in Door County, WI. Your boss would like you to use a tool that you can
tell people about your business, also some of your interests.
Something you could use is Twitter. You can make a twitter account and have your customers start
following you. You can put your deals on twitter so you customers can see them. You can also put
pictures of your new products online. You can also make a Pinterest account so you can post your
pictures to your account to show customers and other people. You can also pin things that you think
your customers will like.