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The Stakeholders

The stakeholders of our event include:

The event planning and risk management team
The vendors
The Message Makers team
The international speakers
The attendees Michigan small businesses looking to expand business relations internationally.
The primary target audiences are manufacturers, business leaders and service providers in
Michigan seeking to increase their foreign trade revenue.
Risk Management Plan
a. The purpose of this plan is to ensure that all possible risks are covered and a clear plan is in
place to provide guidance in a stressful time of emergency, crisis or disaster.
b. Risk Team: Taylor Zuelch, Kendal Jasienski, James Zheng, Dan Dyliaw, Hannah,
Lewandowski, Ashley Worth and Megan Kelly
c. Response Team Members: The risk team and on-site event manager/contact (depending
what site we are at) will be the response team in the event of an emergency
d. Types of Risk: Fire, weather, speaker cancellation, media management, evacuation, and
All fire hazards will be analyzed during planning and setup of each event. Local fire departments
will be notified of event and provided with a layout of the event will possible fire hazards marked.
Weather in October in Michigan can be temperamental and all types must be planned for. If there
is extreme heat for the season, there shall be some type of cooling system within the building or
fans will be ordered.
If there is extreme cold for the season, there will be heating system within the building. If for some
unforeseen reason the heating system is not in working order, then the event cannot be held
without proper heat.
If there is a possibility of a storm (snow, rain, etc) the team will watch local, regional, and national
weather information to make an informed decision about the safety of the holding the event.
Speaker Cancellation
If the speakers cancel for any reason there will be back up options depending on the severity of
the cancellation. Due to the nature of the event if the speaker cancels in regards to travel
arrangements or unforeseen circumstances but can still communicate via telecommunications,
they are required to do so. If they speaker cancels due to health or safety reasons, and can not
communicate then a back up will be written into the contract, possibly a local person with
knowledge of that trade area
Media Management
One member of the risk team will be delegated to deal with the media at all times for any risk
management issues. Ashley, will deal with the media and all information will go through her out to

the appropriate sources. No other members of the team will answer questions or comment.
In the event of evacuation of the facility for any type of emergency, at each location a designated
safe place will be chosen and all staff will know this location and be able to guide attendees
there in a calm manner. Each team member will be assigned a section of each facility and in the
event of an evacuation, each are responsible for the people in said section.
In the event of transportation issues with the event staff, the event staff will have a rental van to
accommodate all members at one time. Members will be staying in the locations to minimize
travel time. Any travel time will be calculated plus one hour to compensate for traffic.