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Reading Mini Lesson: Summarizing

Ashley L. Perry
EDG 341

Lesson Focus/Teaching Point: How to summarize a text with

multiple events

The House that Jack Built and a Retelling Organizer

Yesterday we were working on how to question what

we are reading by saying what we learned and what we
still wondered about the reading.
Today I am going to teach you how summarize what
Connections you read. Summarize is a big word to say in your own
words, what did I just read? I am going to teach you how
to do this because it will help you to share with other
people what you have read without them having read
the story themselves.

Guided practice
Explain & give
an example

I want you to listen to the playaway and read along with

the story first, then we will read through it together to
learn how to summarize. Now, let me show you how I
summarize or sum up what I read in my own words
(read the first two pages).
Hmmm ... l learned that a cat ate a rat, who ate some
food in the house Jack made all by himself. Wow, look at
all of these pictures, they really help me better
understand this story so far about this house that Jack
Did you see how I read a few pages and then put into
my own words what was happening in the story?

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Reading Mini Lesson: Summarizing

Ashley L. Perry
EDG 341


Now it is your turn to try. Lets read the next four pages
together. What did we just read in your own words? Is
there a problem in the story? What is happening?

What text
will you use
for the active


t Work Time
We tie the
closing to the
mini lesson, and
use it as a time
to validate,
troubleshoot, or
further instruct.

Today and everyday when you are reading, you

can read a few pages and then stop and place what you
learned into your own words
The student(s) will work with the teacher on the a retelling map
so that they can organize the story in terms of setting,
characters, the problem, and the solution, in their own words.

The student(s) will share back with the teacher their completed
retelling map. The teacher will ask the students if they can think
of how this story relates to another story they have heard

Picture Sample

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Reading Mini Lesson: Summarizing

Ashley L. Perry
EDG 341

Ways to Differentiate
This lesson was adapted specifically for a literacy partner who is four years old and
reading on level F (F&P). For students who may have trouble generating questions,
the teacher could work with the student on how to summarize starting with personal
events, like their weekend. The teacher will then try to apply that same concept to a
written story.

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