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2- November- 2014

Student teacher


10:30 to 11:15


RAK Academy


Ms Gilligan


Grade 6


Reading comprehension The


No of students

Rafeeah Rashed


Context of the lesson

This lesson is about reading comprehension. The teacher will give the students a reading comprehension.
The teacher will make the students to read the text by themselves and then she will make them to discuss
what they read with their partner and then we will discuss together.
Teaching goal
Let students read and think about the chapter to improve their thinking skills. Also, to let the students to
discuss with their partner and with the teacher to develop their speaking skill. Furthermore, to make sure that
the students understood the text.
Learning objectives:
By the end of the lesson the students will be able to use the reading comprehension strategy to improve their
understanding of the text. And they will discuss with the teacher and their friends about the text. Also, they
will answer the question about the text.
Assumptions about prior learning
May the students have difficulty with the text?
Anticipated problems and possible solutions
If they have a pronounce problems. So, I will help them by repeating the words more than one time. Also, if I
have a spelling mistake I will correct it with students.
Personal focus of this lesson
Eye contact, encourages the students, move around the class, and raise my voice.
Target language

Teacher language

Gang, dreadful, terrified, tries, reluctant,

rushing, apartment.

Did you join with the other easily or this was very hard and
Describe your first day in the school.

Main tasks or activities

Resources and teaching aids

Pre: discussion and questioning about the

Key comprehension book page 53 to 56 units 13
first day for people in the other country, if it is
The friends, worksheet, paper, pencil, marker and color.
easy or not.
While: let the students read the chapter and
help them with difficult words and then
discuss with their partner about the text.
Post: lets students to answer the two
worksheets, the first sheet is questioning
about the text and the second sheet is about
the main idea, character, problem and another
question to check the students' understanding.
Consider these grouping strategies

Individual work
Pair work
Whole class

Consider where the children are working:

On the floor
At their desks

Time & stage




Teacher activity
(T will )



Student activity
(eg. In groups ss will )

Teacher will ask the students

about it is easy to communicate
with other people from other
country or not?
The teacher will give the
students the strategy for reading
comprehension to let them
understand the chapter.
The teacher will discuss with
the students about the lesson

The teacher will give the

students the chapter and she
will give them a time to read it
by themselves and then they
will share their understanding
with their partner.

Transformation S-S




ual (S)

The teacher will give a student

questions sheet.

The teacher will be checking all

students by going around.

Students will think and they

will share their experience
about their first day in the
country or their first day in
the school with people from
other nations.
Students will focus with
their teacher.

Students will focus on

May students underline
some words that they dont
understand it in the
Students will share their
understanding with their
partner and teacher.

Students will focus and

they will answer their

The teacher will give the

students a map sheet about the
chapter that they read it

Students will listen to what

the teacher says. And they
will do their work.

The teacher will let the students

to present their work.

Students will stand up and

talk about their chapter and
they will give a summary
about the reading.