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Tien Tran

Human Origin (8:30-9:50)

18 Nov 2014
Reflection Assignment (respond to all questions/prompts)
What was the ethical issue you wrote about for your signature assignment? Why did you choose
this ethical issue? What did you know about the issue before doing any research? How did your
research (including the evaluation of the viewpoints, evidence, and logical fallacies) impact your
In this ethical issue I chose to write about testing on primate. The reason why I
choose it as the topic because I am strongly disagree to people who said testing on primate
is cruel. I think that is something that is necessary for our community to improve. There is
nothing free in this world, the same go for knowledge, if we want more knowledge about
our human body without killing our own race, primate had given us the chance to done
that, so why not.
All I know about this issue before I do some research is people think that it is cruel
and not ethical. People are soft and didnt think that much about biological and knowledge
that testing had given us.
As I go through many research about my topic, the more understanding about the
topic, the angrier I got. I have realized that there are many people in this world whose is
disagreeing on making the human species improving. The research had given more
knowledge and had impact greatly on my thinking. It had given me a firm stand on this
particular issues, which is a pro testing on primate and human species will be more
How might you apply the critical thinking and communicating about ethical issues skills in other
learning contexts (e.g. other courses, home, work, elections, Thanksgiving dinner, etc.)? Offer
and explain at least three specific examples of where and how you used or might use the critical
thinking and communicating skills (one example should be from this course).
If I were to apply this to human origin class, I would to be explaining about how
much similar primate and human are. How many genes and structure that primate and
human have similar with each other. In conclusion, that would make primate the best
subject for our human study.
If I were to apply this ethical issue with an psychologist class. The first thing that an
psychologist study is about human behavior. But I would tell them how much similarity

that human and primate are, if we want to expand our knowledge, why not test the
psychology of a primate itself how learn how much similar it had with our human psycho.
The last example would be with my family about these ethical issues. They might not
care about the knowledge of primate studying. But if I were to explain about what testing
on primate had bring to the human industry, it is a different thought. The more benefit
that we have, the easier for us human to agree with. Thus, testing on primate bring us
many cure on disease, in conclude, it would make it the best subject for human to do our
testing on.
Hmm Moment: What content are you still perplexed about and why? Explain how you will
apply the skills used in the essay (e.g. research skills, writing skills, etc.) to grapple with this
The perplexed moment when I doing my research is the understanding of many
people who is against the controversy. I dont understand why would they disagreeing with
something that is so obvious, why would they disagree on something that given benefit
without killing a single human?
This essay had given me a skill of researching thoroughly into a subject and makes
it more realistic for the reader to understand what it is. I would use that skill in every essay
that I do and the more research that I gather, the better the essay will be.
AHA Moment: What specific AHA moment have you had in this course about human evolution
(broadly defined)? (This does not have to be the same as your Hmmmm moment).
An AHA moment when I have about human evolution is when I figure out the
similarity of primate and human. First I have no ideas that there are a species that have
genes with a 96% similarity to our genes. Another AHA moment when I figure how many
animals that first I thought it is monkey but it is not. For example, apes, chimpanzee,
orangutan, etc.