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Criterion D: Evaluating

Self-evaluation of my website:
1. My product was excellent/ average/ disappointing because
My product was average because it had all the necessary needed in order for me and
my I.T teachers to easily access my future work in the subject, but it could had more
colour contrast and various images.
2. If I could do this project again, I would change the following things:
Include a different head footer image for each criterion page.
3. Because
It would make the design less boring with a less consistent image present.

Peer Evaluation of your website:

Peer Evaluators Name:
The following is a list of statements to be answered and each of your group members. Think
carefully about assigning rating values for each of the statements.
1-Strongly Agree 2-Agree 3-Neutral 4-Disagree 5-Strongly Disagree
The website looks professional
and scholarly

Peer Feedback

Your Response

It looks professional because it

has appropriate formats,
images and content.

The website has a unified


The design is consistent but

contains too little image
There is a lack of imagery and
little image contrast. The
images are too consistent.

I believe that the website also

looks professional because it
contains an appropriate
The design is very consistent
and different images could
be used in my head footers.
There isnt enough imagery as
there is only one image which
is consistently used in each
criterion page.

The creator has included a lot

of their own imagery

It is easy to operate the

The website is easy to

navigate due to its simplicity.

It is easy to find specific


It is very easy to find specific

information due to the sites
appropriate format.

Information is set out in a

logical way

The website contains

information that is set up in a
logical and consistent way.

I believe the website is also

easy to navigate but only
because it is very simplistic.
The website contains an
appropriate format and
consistent design which
allows the user to find specific
The website is set out quite
logically and contains a
consistent design.

All of the required content for
the web design challenge is
All of the content is correct
and easy to read
I would use this website

It contains all required and

relevant content about the
web design challenge.
The content is easy to read
due to zooming in functions
and the size of the content.
I would use this website
because it is easy to navigate
and contains an appropriate
format, layout, design and is
easy to function.

All the required content

about the challenge is on the
The content is correct and
easy to read due to the size of
the content.
I am quite pleased that
people could potentially
decide to sue my website,
although it could always be