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Appendix A
Student Teacher Evaluation Form For Videotaped Lessons
Student Deniece White
EDUC540 Instructor (Evaluator): Dr. Fritz
Lesson Observed (Videotaped) Math
Date 11/25/14
Code: 1 point = fulfills requirements
0 points = not evident/needs improvement
Lesson Planning (5 points)
__1__ Lesson plans follow Drexel Lesson Plan format and have clear, measurable instructional goals that state what the
students will know and be able to do at the end of the lesson
__1__ Lesson plans reflect coherent instructional design, which includes clear, sequenced procedure that is aligned with
instructional goals and assessments
__1__ Lesson plans have a clear assessment(s) that measures whether all students can meet the lesson instructional goals
__1__ Displays originality in preparing and presenting lessons (creativity)
__1__ Lesson plans include adaptations for special needs and/or differentiation

Quality of Instruction (8 points)

__1__ Shows knowledge of content by using appropriate pacing, clear communication and explanations (clearly states
instructional goals)
__.5__ Uses different levels of questioning and discussion strategies that engages all students in higher level thinking
__1__ Uses different types of instructional strategies that actively engage the learners throughout the lesson
___1_ Checks for understanding throughout the lesson and adjusts lesson to meet needs of student(s)
__1__ Uses collaborative and group learning experiences
__1__ Uses a variety of learning modalities (visual, auditory, etc.)
__1__ Provides opportunities for independent practice that challenges students and allows them to apply what they have
__1__ Varies voice, inflection, body movement

Classroom Management (3 points)

__.5__ Teacher utilizes system of positive reinforcement and behavior management strategies
__.5__ Teacher responds to student inappropriate behavior in a timely, appropriate manner
__.5__ Teacher initiates instructional routines to minimize interruptions

Professionalism (1 point)
__1__ Student teacher exhibits professionalism in appearance and written and spoken language in lesson plans and
during videotaped lesson

Lesson Reflection (6 points) (Use Lesson Analysis and Reflection Rubric to evaluate reflection)
__6__ Student teacher views his/her videotape and shows evidence of being a reflective practitioner in video
reflection/reflects on the above (lesson planning, quality of instruction, classroom management and

Total: 21/23
Here are my thoughts as I viewed the lesson:
You began by having a student tell you what subtraction means. Instead, do a Think Pair Share and engage
them all in telling what subtract means.
You read the story and had the students figure out the problems while you read. I really like how you used a
story to illustrate a math concept! Give the students independent white boards so they can figure out the

problems or write the math problem on their board then show you the answer. This is a way to engage all of
them in figuring out the answers (instead of just calling on one student).
Then you had one student tell the class what the story was about.
After you send the students to their tables, use positive reinforcement to ensure a smooth transition. I like the
way the boys and girls moved to the blue table quietly and already got to work (as an example). Send one table
at a time, highlighting to the rest of the students how they quickly and quietly got to their seats and got to work.
You worked with the students at the teacher table. Who is managing the students at the rest of the tables? If you
have your own classroom, you will be expected to use classroom management strategies to ensure all students
are on task.
It was so nice to see you smile each time a student got it correct. I can tell that you really enjoy teaching. You
seem more comfortable with this lesson than in your first videotaped lesson.
Dr. Fritz

Appendix B
Lesson Analysis and Reflection Rubric
(6 total points)
No evidence


Meets Expectations

Exceeds Expectations

Reflects on degree to
which learning goals were
met citing specific

Does not mention if

learning goals are

Mentions learning
goals but makes
inaccurate statements
as to whether or not
they are met.

Mentions learning goals,

whether they are met,
cites accurate examples

Mentions learning goals,

cites accurate examples,
and evidence showing the
degree to which they
were met.

Takes feedback and uses

it to influence

Does not consider

feedback from
Teacher, University
Supervisor and/or
Seminar Instructor.

Mentions feedback
but does not discuss
how it was used to
influence instruction.

Mentions feedback and

discusses how it was
used to influence

Discusses performance in
each domain

Does not discuss

performance in each
of the four domains.

performance in each
of the four domains.

Discusses performance
in each of the four
domains and cites
specific examples.

Discusses and reflects on

prior feedback and how it
was used to change
learning citing specific
examples from the
Discusses performance in
each of the four domains,
cites specific examples,
and includes artifacts.

Lists and reflects on

personal teaching goals

Does not mention

any personal
teaching goals

Lists 1-2 personal

teaching goals.

Lists 1-2 personal

teaching goals with

organization, composed

Writing is
disorganized and
includes many
grammar and
convention mistakes
(5 or more mistakes)

Writing is
disorganized and
includes several
grammar and
convention mistakes
(3 or more mistakes)

Writing is organized,
includes proper grammar
and conventions.
(One or more mistakes)

Lists more than 2

personal teaching goals
with reasoning and
Writing is organized,
includes proper grammar
and conventions.
(Zero mistakes)