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Mission 2 Mars – Major Project Proposal Form – 8D

1. Name ___________________________________

2. Partner (if applicable) _____________________________________

3. Brainstorm (you may use the concept map you have already completed)

4. Identify the topic to be researched and/or investigated.


5. List at least 3 questions (information/facts from your brainstorming) you would like
to answer concerning the project.

a. _________________________________________________________________________________

b. _________________________________________________________________________________

c. _________________________________________________________________________________

6. Complete the attached Planning Document (Assessment Matrix) to organise your

project to meet the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. List tasks that your will
complete in the space provided.

Choose from the list below or negotiate your own.

Write a poem Make a mobile Write a letter Tape recording Video recording
Create a rap, rhyme Write a news paper Create true and false Design a chat show
List fascinating facts
or song report questions interview
Design an
Make up a metaphor Draw a flowchart Painting or drawing Create a diorama
Write a play Draw a story map Write a recipe Draw a cartoon strip Make a poster / mural
Write a new word Make up a Create a Venn
Complete a PMI chart Graph major findings
glossary ‘What am I’ quiz diagram
Design a cause and Create an instruction Write a reflective Draw contrasting Define keywords &
effect wheel manual journal entry images ideas using symbols.
Make a podcast of Create a 3D Model Design a digital
Create a Picture Start a website or
information and with flags of timeline with links to
Story Book weblog
images information details of events

Other ideas:


7. Learning Team Mentor project approval signature ____________________________


1. This Proposal
2. Brainstorm (Concept Map)
3. Major Project Assessment Sheet
4. Time Management Log
5. Your Major Project
6. Bibliography
7. Reflection