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Y8N - Investigations - M2M - LA Task - Bibliography

Y8N - Investigations - M2M - LA Task - Bibliography

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Published by: Bendigo South East College on Jan 06, 2010
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BIBLIOGRAPHY (Definition: a list of books, articles and websites consulted) How to reference Books

• • • • • • author (surname, initials) year of publication, title of book (italics or underlined), edition (if applicable), publisher, place of publication (place and state, if not a capital city).

For Example; Hawking, S. (2001) The Universe in a Nutshell, 1st ed, Random House, Sydney, NSW

How to reference Encyclopaedias
• • • • • • • 'title of article' (single quotation marks) title of encyclopaedia (italics or underlined) year of publication, publisher, place of publication (place and state, if not a capital city), volume number, page number/s.

For Example; ‘Stars’, World Book Encyclopaedia,2000, World Book Encyclopaedias, New York, New York, Vol 20, pg 2140-2141

How to reference Websites
• • • • • • author/editor (if identified) surname, initials last update (if identified), 'title of article' (in single quotation marks), name of sponsor, date it was viewed, <URL.>.

For Example; ‘The Flat Earth Society’, The Flat Earth Society, 29/05/07, www.alaska.net/~clund/e_djublonskopf/Flatearthsociety.htm

Keep a list of the Resources you use during your Project Resource 1

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