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Essentials of Insurance

Mr. Sawyers
Essentials of Insurance
90 mins
School/ Students:
Rocky Mountain High/ 9th-12th grade
WWFD.08 Insurance

(WOW) Demonstrate management of financial resources to meet the goals of
individuals and families across the life span.


(WOW) Apply management principles to decisions about insurance for
individuals and families.

COSE.03.02 (WOW) Analyze factors in developing a long-term financial management plan.

(WOW) Analyze the effects of risk management strategies on long-term
financial planning.

Analyze the logic of complex situations by questioning the purpose, question
RWC10-GR.11- at issue, information, points of view, implications and consequences,
S.4-GLE.2-EO.a inferences, assumptions and concepts
Students will be able to (SWBAT):

Asses the importance of insurance as an overall part of a financial plan.
Describe the different types of insurance.
Distinguish between the different types of insurance.
Interpret terminology associated with insurance.

List of assessments:
1. Quiz at beginning of class. (Pre assessment)
2. Risk management Jeopardy. (In class assessment of understanding)
3. Quiz at end of class. (Post assessment)

Significant vocabulary:
Types of insurance: Automobile, health, life, homeowners/renter’s.
Other terminology: Risk, beneficiary, dependent, peril, policy, policyholder, premium and

Risk Management Quiz
Types of Insurance Essentials PowerPoint presentation.
Insurance made Simple PowerPoint presentation. Risk management Jeopardy game
Spoons activity cards
Spoons activity instructions
Spoons activity answer key
1 spoon per participant

Learning Targets/Attendance
Quiz (Part 1 pre assessment)
Insurance Made Simple PowerPoint
Insurance Essentials PowerPoint
Split student into groups of 4 or 5
Risk management Jeopardy
Wrap up game/student back to desks
Quiz (Part 2 post assessment)
Funny insurance video/ticket out the door

3 mins
3 mins
5 mins
30 mins
2 mins
30 mins
2 mins
5 mins
10 mins

At the beginning of class a pop quiz will be distributed to assess the student’s prior knowledge.
Anticipatory set:
To “hook” the students in, a short Seinfeld clip will be played prior to the Insurance Made
Simple PowerPoint. This clip, along with some probing by the teacher about prior experiences
will focus student’s attention on the lesson.

Check for understanding:
During the Insurance Essentials PowerPoint there are strategically placed questions at the end of
discussing a topic on insurance to check for students understanding.
After distributing the second half of the quiz and reviewing the correct answers. The video will be played. After watching the
video, students will then be directed to write down 3 terms or things related to insurance for their
ticket out the door.
If student’s get done with the itinerary well before class ends, the “Spoons activity” will help to
continue the student’s development on insurance terminology and understanding.