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Daniel Kim

Professor DerOhanessian
English 115
26 November 2014
Double standards throughout society
According to Forbes, women make 93 cent versus a dollar compared to men. Double
standards exist in every society, since the beginning females have been looked as weaker
compared to men. It can be said that women have been discriminated against because the women
would stay behind at home taking care of the children while the men would go out and hunt for
food. The men were naturally tasked with the more difficult tasks and that mentality is said to
have caused society to naturally think of women as the weaker of the two genders. While
discrimination can start in many different ways we can all agree that it is extremely difficult to
remove any form of discrimination in our society. Throughout society women have been
discriminated against, in the work place and even at home women have been discriminated
against in one way or another.
We see that gender discrimination used to be the norm, in countries like China women
would often be beaten to death if they were caught cheating on their spouses. In the article No
Name Women by Maxine Hong Kingston, Kingston recalled a story about her no longer existent
aunt who was chased out of her village by an angry mob eventually killing herself and her newly
born baby by throwing themselves down into a well. In this story Kingston’s aunt was in a
“hurry-up wedding to make sure that every young man who went out on the road would
responsibly come home” (Kingston). The Aunt was married to an unknown young man only
because the village decided to use her as an “anchor” or a reason to come back home. By

ultimately putting aside the bride’s emotions and marrying only for social status arranged
marriages tend to dissolve if the husband or wife spends a large amount of time away from each
other. Though the aunt did commit adultery the circumstances she was put into also encouraged
her behavior.
Since the cave man days we have always placed the glory on men and the mistakes on
women. In the book Woman Warrior, Kingston’s aunt was most likely a teenager when she was
married off, we can assume that she was in the middle of puberty in the prime of her age to raise
children. Her village put her into a situation where she wasn’t allowed to act on her body’s
desires or even raise her own family. When her pregnancy was found out the village never
questioned about the father of the child only the mother was mobbed. This shows that even in
China, a country that’s on the other side of the world, there is gender discrimination. If the
village found out that a male member had a bastard child they would most likely shun the child
and the mother but still allow the male member to keep his previous social status. The village
never even considered the idea of rape, they just placed all of the blame onto the aunt once they
found out she was pregnant. In the end gender used to determine the punishment you would
receive for your crimes.
Even today there is gender discrimination is a common problem in our society. The
average women makes “77 cents to the men’s dollar” according to the U.S. Census Bureau in
2012. Even today there are gaps between what women make compared to men, we as a more
advance society should have recognized this inequality and should have fix it already. The fact
that gender inequality still exists in backwards, we as human beings have evolved greatly over
the last 2 centuries and inequality is only prevent us from moving forward. The first step of
solving the problem is to recognize it and in this male dominated world it is hard to raise

awareness. While most people know about the pay gap some choose to ignore it and move on
with their lives, accepting the gap is detrimental to the advancement of society and will only
hinder us as a society. If we continue to oppress women and ignore their efforts we are
voluntarily limiting ourselves technologically and educationally. Economically, women are not
likely to find a career that will satisfy both their family and social life, because women need to
deliver and take care of babies it makes it extremely difficult for them to continue with their
career without the help maternity leave or nannies. With 80% of the world living in poverty only
a fraction of the population has access to the resources needed.
Though females aren’t the only gender with discrimination, male discrimination tend to
be less severe. Male double standards are usually targeted towards kids, when people see a single
father they assume that the father has no idea about parenting but in reality a male can now do
everything a female can and vice versa. Long time ago before baby formula was invented only
the females could feed the baby so the female would often nurture and take care of the child, but
now single fathers can take care of their child without having to worry about malnutrition
because of baby formula. Dads can now take the role of a traditional mother and moms and take
the role of the tradition father figure. Technology has allowed us to choose which role we want
to play during a child’s development but society has decided to ostracize this new advancement.
According to the Gender Gap Report of 2014, Iceland has the least amount of gender
discrimination with 0.859 points (the scale is read by 0 = inequality and 1 = equality). Gender
gap has 4 different categories consisting of education, health, economic participation, and
political empowerment. According to this report 94% of the educational attainment gap has been
closed but there has been a small deterioration for health coming down 1% from 97% in 2006 to

96% in 2014. With a growth in economic participation and political empowerment it is safe to
say that the gender gap is slowly closing.
In the big picture males are more likely to be successfully be involved in politics and will
likely make more money in their lifetime. If we choose to limit individuals because of gender
society’s potential to advance will forever be cut in half. If we encouraged females to careers
instead of just staying at home that means that more people would be working allowing the
economy to grow even larger. If there were more females in scientific fields there would be more
researchers available to cure diseases, find new technological advancements, and just more
people to create new things.
Ultimately, the gender gap only hinders society as a whole and has no purpose in our
modern world. The gender gap encourages 50% of the world’s population to stay at home only
taking care of children, this cuts our potential workforce greatly and hinders others. Gender
discrimination is a large problem in our world and will continue to be unless we the new
generation puts a stop to it. As college students we are new generation whatever we do and
believe will create a new social norm for an entire generation, our generation will be the
guideline for future generations. Like how we learned from the mistakes and success of our
parent’s generation, our future children should look at us and say “wow, I can’t believe that
women used to get paid less just for being a girl back in 2014”. So go out there and make a better
world, end the discrimination and just continue on with your life.

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