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Reading & Writing Task: Profiles (Descriptive Writing

Name ______________________________ Class ________ Date _________________________________
Part A: Activating Prior Knowledge
1. What is a profile?

2. List some different types.

Part B: Predicting
3. What do you think the author will focus on as the personality trait that led to Terry
Fox’s greatness? Explain.

Part C: Analysis
4. What information does the author develop in each of the following sections? Dot jot in
the space provided below.
a) Lead (paragraphs 1&2)

b) Middle (paragraphs 3-10)

c) Conclusion (paragraph 11)

5. Was your prediction right? According to the author, what is Terry Fox’s trait that led
him to greatness? Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

6. What event(s) in Terry’s early life led to him becoming more than an “ordinary

7. What do you think is your best character trait? How does this trait help you when the
“going gets tough?”

8. Create a t-table. In one column list people who you strongly believe have led or are
leading inspiring lives. In the second column, beside each person’s name, list the
character trait that has helped contribute to their greatness. Circle or highlight the one
you want on which you want to write a profile.

Part D: Taking Your Turn as a Profile Writer

9. Use the following as a checklist, as well as the provided graphic organizer to help you
organize your information. You will now need to “immerse” yourself in this person’s life
and become the expert on them. Keep in mind you need to be determining what
character trait pushed them to greatness – this will be the theme (thesis) of your profile
– as well as what lasting impression they have left on our world. Don’t forget to keep
track of your sources using the provided bibliography organizer!
o Full name
o Birthdate & Death (if applicable)
o Family
o Childhood (where, time period – what was happening that was significant in
the world – and significant events in his/her life)
o Teen Years
o Adulthood
o Turning Point in his/her life
o Obstacles faced and how overcame them
o Event(s) that pushed/led to greatness
o Personality Traits (pinpoint most important one)
o Significance (lasting impact on our world)

10. Once your research is finished you are ready to put your information into profile
written form. Please use the following to help guide the organization of your ideas. As
well, refer to the rubric, so that you know exactly what you NEED and CAN do to
achieve your own personal greatness with writing!
a) Introduction – begin with a hook, then include bio stuff and tell your reader
what his/her greatness was/is – this is your thesis (fancy word for theme of your
*should be 1-3 paragraphs*

b) Middle – this is the “meat” of your profile. In this develop your ideas to prove
the thesis of your paper. Ex. events that happened in his/her life that shaped
him/her, obstacles faced, personality traits, etc.
*should be 3-7 paragraphs*

c) Conclusion – this is meant to leave a lasting impression on your reader.
Conclude with a reflective piece, final thoughts on why your chosen person is
such an inspiring person and what impact they have had on the world.

*should be 1-2 paragraphs*

Happy Writing!

Rubric: Profile (Descriptive Writing)
Name _______________________________ Class ________ Date ______________________
Self-assessment ___________

Teacher-assessment __________

Parent Signature _____________________________________________________________

Self-reflection Prompts:

Best part of my profile…because

2. Part of my profile I wish could have been stronger…because…

3. What I plan to work on in my next piece of writing…

Teacher Reflection:

Strength as writer…

2. Area that could use more “polishing”…