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High Definition Composite Video Interface

What is it? .

Dahua Technology is about to introduce a “sacred liquid” to heal the Achilles’s heel. James Wang —Product Director@Dahua Technology . this is so called HDCVI.For analog’s “ just-fine” image quality can’t meet today’s HD demand any more.

Analog High Definition Video over Traditional Co-axial Cable .

Control 44kHz signals just over one cable Control signal Audio signal . HD video signal Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) No delay Feature1:Video .HDCVI Key Features Features2:High Definition Analog Solution Features3:Long transmission distance Low quality loss. Audio .

What is different? .

HDCVI VS HDSDI 0 100 HDSDI 500 HDCVI Contrast on Transmission Distance .

HDCVI VS HDSDI HDSDI HDCVI Contrast on Anti-Interference Capability .

HDCVI VS HDSDI HDCVI Low Cost VS Long Distance HD-SDI PTZ Control .

HDCVI Encode Digital Signal VS IP Decode Analog Signal IP Analog Signal Analog Signal HDCVI Contrast on Data Stream .