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Belmont Lesson Plan Template

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Lesson Planning Document
General Information
Teacher: Michael Bontrager
Subject: English
Students: 37
Mentor: Scott Bennett
Grade: 9
Number: 1
Date: 08/27/2014
Time Allowed: 45 minutes
Sequence: 6

Number of
Lesson in

Title: The Odyssey
Topic: The lotus flower story in The Odyssey

Subjects Integrated: English

Readiness and Background Knowledge
Students should have knowledge of The Odyssey up until the story of the
lotus-eaters. Students will have also completed a web quest about the
lives of the ancient Greeks. Since all the reading is done in class I know
the students are prepared for this lesson. Also their knowledge of
ancient Greece also helps their readiness. Students’ prerequisite
knowledge will be tested through a quick out loud question an answer at
the beginning of class. This brief discussion will allow me to evaluate if
they are ready for this lesson.
CCSS 9RL2: Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze in
detail its development over the course of the text, including how it
emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an
objective summary of the text.
CCSS 9RL7: Analyze the representation of a subject or key scene in two
different artistic mediums, including what is emphasized or absent in
each treatment.

Student learning objectives:
By the end of this lesson the learners will....
Given the learner has read and understood the story of the lotus eaters in
The Odyssey and “The Lotos Eaters” by Tennyson, the learner will be able
too compare and contrast the two stories using textual evidence by
answering questions in an out loud discussion at a level acceptable for
ninth graders.
Given the learner has read and understood the lotus eater story in The
Odyssey, the learner will be able too analyze and interpret the theme by
completing a quiz on kidblog at a 90% mastery level.
Teacher learning objectives
I will work on my instructional voice and classroom management. This
class likes to talk while the instructor is speaking. I will work on making
sure they stay focused and on task at all times. I will also work on my
use of movement. I tend to pace quickly around the classroom, which
can be difficult for students to follow. I will try to control my movement
to improve the learning environment of the students.
The students will be formally assessed continuously through an out loud
discussion and question and answer. The students will also be asked to
complete a quiz in their kidblog which is another formal assessment.
Resources and Materials
Materials for this lesson will include PowerPoint, online textbooks,
kidblog, and a handout of the poem “The Lotos Eaters”. The PowerPoint
will be used for the students to see the I can statements for the day. All
reading will occur out loud and in the students online textbooks or the
poem handout. The students will also use Kidblog to take notes and
complete their quizzes.
Instructional Model, Procedures, and Strategies (Include
time estimates for each section of the lesson.)
a.) I will begin the lesson by asking the students to log onto their kidblog
accounts to take notes. If this does not get their attention, I will ask the
same question again. If the students are still not giving me their
attention, I will flick the lights off to let them know that it is time to begin
class. 1 minute.

Opening and Advanced Organizer 5 minutes
I will hook the students to this lesson by asking them what are some
examples in modern society of things that would make someone forget of
their home? What are things that people put before their families? I will
also ask if they would like to lay around all day and do nothing but eat
and watch Netflix? This relates to the poem and story because men who
eat the lotus flower choose to stay on the island and forget their families.
All they do is sit on the island, eat the flower, and sleep.
Behavioral Expectations
Students will be expected to follow all school and classroom rules and
procedures. They are expected to enter the classroom and begin their
work. Students will also be expected to not talk while I am speaking.
Students know they must raise their hands before speaking. One big
classroom rule that students will be expected to follow is the use of
headphones in the class. Students will not be allowed to have their
headphones in while I am instructing.

Instructional Steps
1. Class will begin with the bellringer and opening described above.
2. We will read and discuss the story of the lotus-eaters in The Odyssey.
This will take 10 minutes.
3. We will read and discuss “The Lotos Eaters” by Alfred Tennyson. This
will take 15 minutes.
4. We will have a closing discussion described below. This will take 5
5. Students will complete a quiz on kidblog. This will take 10 minutes.
Lesson Closure
The lesson will end with a discussion comparing the two stories of the
lotus-eaters. We will discuss the questions asked at the beginning of the
lesson. I will start by asking the students how is this poem still relevant
today? What are some modern day examples of the lotus flower? Would
you enjoy sitting around all day and watching Netflix? Students will
receive feedback verbally through discussion and I will also comment on
their quiz answers after class. This lesson will connect to further learning
in many ways. We will discuss the traits that Odysseus displays during

this story. We will then relate this back to our unit question which is, is
Odysseus an Epic hero?
Feedback and Evaluation
Students will be evaluated constantly throughout the lesson. The out
loud question and answer and discussion will allow me to assess if they
clearly understood the similarities and differences between the two
poems. I will also use the quiz as a formal evaluation. This will allow me
to see if the analyzed and interpreted the theme of the story correctly.
Modifications for this classroom are unique. The classroom is designed to
give all students modifications. All students will IEPs receive 1 on 1
instruction. Also, all students receive modifications whether they are
needed or not. However, there are some for students who finish early.
Students who finish their kidblog closing question early will be allowed to
work on their prezi that is due in the future. Students who are struggling
to grasp the concept will receive help from Mr. Bennett, Mr. Smith, or
myself while the other students are working in their kidblogs.