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"US District Court, ND of CA" <Lynn_Fuller@CAND.USCOURTS.GOV>
11/25/2014 5:40:31 PM
Court's Guidelines for Professional Conduct Establish New

In June, the Court formally adopted its Guidelines for Professional Conduct, also known as “Civility
Guidelines.” These Guidelines are the product of a process that included substantial participation and
input from members of the bar of the Northern District of California. The Court gratefully
acknowledges its reliance on the Santa Clara County Bar Association’s Code of Professionalism.
According to Chief Judge Claudia Wilken: “The bench and bar have long bemoaned the decline in
civility in federal litigation, especially on the civil side. This year, the court decided to tackle the
problem by taking concrete action. After much discussion and a great deal of input from the bar, we
promulgated the Guidelines for Professional Conduct for the Northern District of California. The
guidelines set forth best practices for attorneys to follow and to cite when litigating cases in our court.
While they do not carry the force of rules, our judges expect attorneys to adhere to them.” The Civility
Guidelines cover topics from scheduling and continuances to such traditionally contentious areas as
discovery and trial.
View the Guidelines on the Court's website.
In accordance with the adoption of these important guidelines, the Court also revised the judges'
uniform standing order to require attorneys to include in their Joint Case Management
Statements “Whether all attorneys of record for the parties have reviewed the Guidelines for
Professional Conduct for the Northern District of California.” The Joint Case Management &
Proposed Order Form also reflects this change.