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PT. Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk, is the state-owned corporation which stand
for coal mining workings. PT. Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk, is located in Muara
Enim and Lahat regency, South Sumatera, Indonesia. This corporation has several
different mining locations such as TAL (Tambang Air Laya), Banko Barat, Banko
Timur, MTBS (Muara Tiga Besar Selatan), and MTBU (Muara Tiga Besar Utara).
The research location is in the Muara Tiga Besar Utara area. The
production planning in the Muara Tiga Besar Utara site for periode 2014-2018 is
that 22.500.000 ton coal with calorie (adb) 5322,04 kkal/kg. If its sell in HBA, the
price can reach until $ 57,18 /ton or IDR 599.718 /ton
The problem that Bukit Asam Inc. faces nowadays is that the coal
transportation fee using train (PT.KAI). Because of the high cost using that
transportation, the researcher made a marketing simulation strategy to overcome
that problem.
Based on the result of the marketing simulation strategy, the first NPV
scenario got IDR 1.370.663.426.074, DCFROR is 55%, and PBP for 1,67 years.
Moreover, the second NPV scenario got IDR 1.944.839.948.870 , DCFROR is
69%, and PBP for 1,38 years. For the third NPV scenario got IDR
2.710.407.068.894 , DCFROR is 87%, and PBP for 1,13 years. From these three
marketing simulation strategy, the researcher concluded that the most optimum
sale is in the third scenario.