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fete aa CFC YOUTH FOR FAMILY AND LIFE CHAPTER ASSEMBLY TRACK Call to a Mission Rationale Here in Youth for Family and Life, the youth are all called to be like Christ in every aspect of their lives. As they follow His footsteps, they should also share in His cause ~ to proclaim the love of His Father to all peoples whenever and wherever. This chapter assembly will help the youth embrace the call of the Father to really proclaim His love up to the ends of the earth and up to the point where they will have to deny themselves as they decide to be real missionaries of Christ. Participants ‘CFC Youth for Family and Life household and chapter servants and members CFC Youth for Family and Life couple coordinators Specific Objectives At the end of the session, the participants will be able to: * Realize the value of God's call to the youth to be His missionaries * Be knowledgeable of what it really means to be a missionary of Christ and be empowered to do anything for Christ's. sake Methodology * Talk Proper 45 minutes * Group Discussion 20 minutes © Closing Prayer 5 minutes Dynamics © After the talk, the speaker or the team leader will lead the group into a reflection activity. A song about being a winner ‘may be sung as a reflection song. (E.g. “We'llbe Faithful” played slowly) ‘© Have papers and pens ready for the reflection. After the song is sung, let the participants write their letters which they will later be asked to bring home. An additional song may be sung during this time. * Lead the group into a closing prayer and ask them to divide into households for sharing / processing to discuss their answers to the guide questions. Expanded Outline |. Called to Evangelize and to Be Missionaries God has called us in Youth for Family and Life toa highly evangelistic and missionary life. We are to make a radical response to Jesus’ directive stated in Matt 28:19, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” When we say, “all nations”, we mean all peoples. YFL is gearing both towards work with the poor and with the rich. “All” also means every possible area where there are young adults — from parishes to subdivisions, from colleges to the universities, from the public high schools to the rehabilitation centers. YFL is where the action is. It is our nature to bring the reality of Christ to everyone through ‘witnessing. We are to win the world for Christ. In other words, we are the new generation of missionaries! I. The H.E.A.RI. of a Missionary (ere OU Oe Wena a | fers ea eee Heedful: We must tune in our senses to God and be sensitive to where He will lead us. We must not be stubborn in following His direction, even if it comes in E = _ Enthusiastic: We should be excited rather than burdened because God will use us to bring His glory to others. A = _ Available: There is no use if we are capable, but not available. It is better for us to be available because God will ust equip us! Let's not have excuses. R = Ready: We are to be mission-ready (MR). May we wake up, walk, talk, eat and sleep with our boots on! ‘We should be ready to go anytime! T = Trust: We must not doubt that God will equip us (Lk 10:19). Above all, at the center of the heart of the mission should be our LOVE for God and His people. Ill, Pains and Gains of Being Sent 1. Being sent is not an easy task. Jesus warns us... (Matt 10:16-25) © family * friends * clergy © We will be hurt and humiliated for Christ's sake! 2. However, the glory that is to come is incomparable... © The fulfillment of a mission is seeing people receive God on a first-hand basis lives transformed, relationships healed, and families united. © We become closer to God. We begin to have a sense of purpose. © We build a better world for our families. IV. How Do We Make Real Our Call? 1. Have a missionary spirit. © Donot choose where to go. ‘© Work with what you have. * Love the people. (Be sensitive to their needs. Build lasting relationships.) * Seek God in everyone. 2. Inyour school... * Try toalways seekall the YFUs, involve them in any service available, and make efforts to be their friend at the very least. * Be witnesses to your classmates by excelling in your studies and having good clean fun. * Ifyou are an infivential person, do not hesitate to use this advantage to bring others closer to Christ. 3. In your family... © Try to involve your family in the activities of our CFC FFL community. Bea witness to your relatives and friends. Evangelize even your household helpers. CFC YOUTH FOR FAMILY AND LIFE | (eral Ad ‘* Pass on the missionary spirit to your family members by sharing the vision/mission of the CFC FFL community and making them involved in it. 4. With your resources... © Time: Balance your time so that your studies won't suffer. * Talent: Acknowledge the special talents that you have. This is intended by God to bring His message of love to ‘other young people. ‘© Treasure: Sometimes, we may have to spend our own money to do God's work, but let’s not forget that we can never outdo God's generosity! V. Conclusion God's call for YFL is to restore and rebuild the social environment of the young throughout the world according to His, Purpose and glory. However, this call does not only apply to the full-time workers, mission volunteers nor to the servants, leaders alone. Since Christ calls us to go to all nations, then it must take all of us ~all of ourselves to accomplish the work. Our hearts must first be modeled to that of Jesus which is centered on the loving Father and His children — only then can we become true missionaries! Discussion Starters LEVEL I (Identity) LEVEL II (Setf Worth) | LEVELIII (Sense of Re- | LEVEL IV (Social Purpose) sponsibility) How reals the cal for me? | After serving for sometimes, | Do | fee! responsible for the | How is God calling you to do I feel that Christ is really | mission God has called me _| care beyond your family and ‘Share an experience which | working in my life? todo? ‘community? made you believe that you are really called to dothis | How does Christ presence | What can I do about it? mission. in my life affect how | see CFC YOUTH FOR FAMILY AND LIFE |