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Jennipher Borland

Richmond street - London, ON N6A3H6 - 1913


Mobile Advisor
The Mobile Shop - London, ON
- Responsible for opening and closing the store unsupervised, cashing in and out.
- Working alone and with a team to sell and promote cell phones on all 7 major carriers.
- Required to maintain a large knowledge base on new and old cell phones. As well as plans and pricing for
7 different phone carriers.
- Proficient in up-selling cases, screen protectors and other accessories.
- Typing out customer information quickly and efficiently.
- Responsible for taking store inventory correctly and accurately.
- Responsible for sending and receiving packages from Purolator.
- Reached 200% of my accessory attachment during a very slow month.
Skills Used
- Typing
- Money and Math skills
- Use of new technology and computer systems
- Proactive sales and up-selling skills.

Delivery Person
UPS - Chatham-Kent, ON - December 2013 to January 2014
- Responsible for delivering 20 - 30 parcels by foot unsupervised.
- Responsible for assisting UPS make delivers from the vehicle, operating the DIAD and inputting all deliveries.
- Responsible for assisting drivers with "cash on delivery" and speaking with customers

Customer Service Manager
TekSavvy Solutions - Chatham-Kent, ON - October 2011 to September 2013
- Responsible for monitoring, mentoring and developing a team of 18 employees to meet and exceed the
companies internal goals and targets.
- Responsible for completing employee reviews on 3, 6 and 12 month basis, providing feedback and assisting
the agent to excel where they were lacking.
- Responsible for weekly "manager on duty" shifts, monitoring call volumes and overseeing over 300 inbound
call center agents. Updating any outages on our social media websites and taking escalated calls to assist
- Responsible for handling walk in complaints from customers at our front desk and assisting to resolve the
issue in a manner both parties find satisfactory.

- Responsible for the creation of the TekSavvy retentions team and the TekSavvy acquisitions department.
Assisting in setting goals for each department, designing spreadsheets and documents in excel and word to
help track the teams progress and format this data into presentable worksheets for the CSR director.
- Responsible for taking help line calls from our internal staff and answering questions or rescheduling
appointments for customers when needed.

Help Desk
TekSavvy Solutions - Chatham-Kent, ON - March 2011 to October 2011
• Responsible for assisting fellow employees with account related issues and questions
• Assigned to take escalated calls from Irate customers and resolve any issues quickly and professionally

TekSavvy Solutions - Chatham-Kent, ON - November 2010 to March 2011
• Responsible for working in a fast paced environment unsupervised
• Assisting customers with signing up for internet and phone services

Help Desk Agent
Minacs - March 2010 to November 2010
Responsible for working in a fast paced environment unsupervised
• Resolving large billing issues between car dealership and suppliers
• Responsible for creating legal documents for ever call I receive

Technical Support agent
Sutherland Global Services - November 2009 to March 2010
Responsible for working unsupervised in a fast paced and noisy environment
• Solve technical issues with residential Phone, Cable and Internet
• Responsible for handling customers in a calm and pleasant manner.


Currently Enrolled in Accounting
Fanshawe - London, ON
2014 to 2018

High school diploma
Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute - Ingersoll, ON
2005 to 2009

• 3 in house management courses • Positive attitude • Proficient communication and writing skills • Exemplarily
people skills • Ability to work with money proficiently and accurately • Able to type 65 - 70 wpm • Proficient
in Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint

• OSSD (1999) High school diploma achieved 2009.
• Perfect attendance for the school year of 2008 - 2009.

• First Aid and AED training 2012.
• Change management course achieved July 2013.
• Customer Service Apprenticeship completed - August 2013