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Intern Teacher’s Descriptive Report

During my PS III internship at Picture Butte High School, I was fortunate enough to
be welcome by both staff and students with open arms. I was immediately treated
like a “real” qualified teacher and was given the responsibility over the summer to
plan a variety of classes including Physical Education 9, CALM 20, Health 8, and
Health 9.
Planning and Preparation (KSAs #1,3,6,9,13):
I discussed with my teacher mentors about individual students’ learning needs,
examined PIP’s and analyzed the cultural background of the school. Putting
substantial detail into my long range planning, I made a significant effort to transfer
the outcomes from the program of studies into engaging learning opportunities for
the students. All the planning and anticipation made me very eager to start the
school year. In my CALM 20 classes, I divided the course into three major units
mirroring the curriculum; Career Choices, Personal Choices, and Resource Choices.
The units consisted of daily assignments, major projects, and a unit exam. My
Physical Education 9 class included a variety of units including volleyball, soccer,
flag-football, ultimate frisbee, handball, curling, basketball, and indoor games.
Health classes included 2 short units on Physical Health and Bullying due to only
seeing them once a week. Throughout the 16 weeks of teaching I designed daily
lesson plans and made necessary changes to my unit plans.
Instruction (KSAs #4,5,9,10):
One of my major areas of growth during my practicum was in the quality of my
instruction. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to teach both in the classroom
and in the gymnasium. In both environments I did my best to implement
instructional strategies that were conducive to all learners needs and always had a
visual, audio, and kinesthetic component. Providing appropriate “wait-time” became
a crucial strategy to gain students attention and to allow students to think critically
after I posed a question.
I taught two sections of CALM 20 with class sizes of 25 and 19 students. I had
significant knowledge on prior to instruction for most outcomes but for others I had
to do my diligence to consult academic resources to gain a greater understanding
prior to instruction. In the classroom I utilized multiple technologies to enhance
student learning. Some examples include “teacher tube” for educational videos,
online stopwatches allowing students to manage their time appropriately, Goggle
Docs to collaborate and share with other professionals, and smart phones allowing
students to quickly access information.
Differentiation in Physical Education was the focal point of my “Personal Inquiry
Project.” In my Physical Education 9 class I experimented with differentiating
product, process, content, and flexible grouping strategies according to individual

needs. I attempted to tier activities and to provide options for students according to
their interest, readiness, and learning style.
Classroom Leadership and Management (KSAs #7,8)
My Physical Education 9 class had 27 students all with diverse needs and
personalities. This enabled me to improve my classroom management strategies
and to assume a strong leadership role in the classroom. I consistently had to
reinforce classroom procedures and clearly communicate what would be accepted
as appropriate behavior. It became compulsory to respond to inappropriate
behavior firmly and immediately. Although monitoring students behavior was
critical, I also realized how crucial it was to establish a positive relationships and
classroom climate. I placed a huge importance on communicating with students and
acquiring information about their individual pursuits. This allowed me to developed
a greater understanding of their backgrounds, interests, and aspirations. I found the
students’ attitude and participation level responded positively creating a more
engaging and effective learning environment. This was my most challenging class
but also the class I am most proud of. It was a great experience to improve my
classroom leadership skills and I developed a better understanding when to take
misbehavior to the “next level.”
Assessment (KSA #11)
I applied several assessments for, as and of learning during my time at Picture
Butte High School. Common formative assessments I implemented in my Health,
CALM 20, and Physical Education classes were thumbs up/thumbs down,
think/pair/shares, exit slips, journal entries, and of course observation. Summative
assessments included rubrics, skills tests, fitness tests, assignments, products,
quizzes, and unit tests. In all my classes I tried to constantly give feedback and
modify my teaching based on assessments. I made sure to maintain accurate records
both on teacher logic and in a written log book.
Professional Attributes and Responsibilities (KSAs #2,15,16)
Coaching was a major element of my practicum and allowed me to foster
meaningful relationships with both students and parents. I coached the Junior High
Senior Varsity Volleyball team and enjoyed my duties immensely. My duties
included planning and facilitating practice as well as organizing and supervising
students at tournaments. Although challenging at times the unique characters of my
team brought a smile or laugh to my face and I won’t soon forget their enthusiasm
and charisma.
Mid-volleyball season I committed to coaching the High School Senior Girls
Basketball team. Coaching basketball is something I have been involved in for many
years and is a passion of mine. I am looking forward to developing relationships
with the female athletes and getting to know them better. I am excited to transfer

my knowledge of basketball to help contribute to our team goal of winning 2A
My goal of getting involved with athletics and extra-curricular activities expanded
by organizing and supervising an intramurals program during lunch hour. Although
some activities were not as successful as others there was a large quantity of
students and teachers in both volleyball and basketball intramurals. Intramurals
provided me with another opportunity to interact with both the students and staff
at Picture Butte High School. I am thankful that the teachers created a team because
it allowed me to build a rapport with staff and administration. I believe the
intramural program helped create a positive and inclusive school culture.
Other professional development projects I took part in where developing my own
website for differentiated instruction in Physical Education. The website examines
the importance of differentiation for life long learning and for kids to acquire a
passion for physical activity. I also attended regular PD sessions through Palliser
Regional Schools and developed strategies to in cooperate literacy and numeracy in
Physical Education. This was a great opportunity to learn new ideas and also to
collaborate with other professionals in the school district.
Throughout my entire practicum I put huge importance on establishing positive
relationships with staff, students, teachers, and parents in the community of Picture
Butte. Volunteering to take pictures for the “Royal Rumble” High School Volleyball
Tournament, helping direct the “Thriller” dance at the Halloween assembly, raking
leaves at Piyami Lodge, supervising Cross Country Zones in Medicine Hat, and
parent teacher interviews were all areas I was involved in to accomplish that goal
I feel incredibly fortunate to be placed at Picture Butte High School for my PS III.
The staff, students, and parents were welcoming and immediately accepted me as
one of their own. I am grateful that the athletic director gave me the opportunity to
be involved in many extracurricular activities and will forever be thankful for him
believing in my abilities and always standing behind my decisions. Picture Butte
provided me with a strong example of a school that strives for academic and athletic
excellence. My time at Picture Butte High School has validated my passion for
teaching and makes me excited to see what the future holds for me as a professional