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Mrs. Zuccaro and Mrs.

Curriculum Focus
for this Month:
Measurement using
non –standard units
Representing whole
numbers and
Conservation of
Shared Reading
and Guided
High Frequency
Words: want, he, to,
and, she, will
Letter Writing and
Writing a List
Shared Writing and
Guided Writing
Advent and

The Christmas Season is now upon us! We have many exciting
activities planned for your child! We are also very busy practicing for
the Christmas concert. Please note that our Kindergarten concert will
take place Wednesday, December 10 at 9:40am in the school gym.
As the colder weather moves in, please ensure that your child is
dressed for the weather (i.e. hat, boots, and scarves). Please also
ensure that your child has an extra pair of MITTENS, SOCKS and
CLOTHING to be kept at school at all times. Also, all articles of
clothing MUST BE LABELLED with your child’s name.
It was truly a pleasure to meet once again, the parents of the
children we work with every day at Parent Teacher Interview Night.
Many of the parents requested to have a copy of the words that
have been taught in class so far in order that they may be practiced
and consolidated at home. Please find a list in the communication
bag in the coming days.

We Wish You a Blessed Christmas and a Healthy
and Happy New Year!
Love, Mrs. Zuccaro and Mrs. Rizza



On Friday, December 19th
we will be celebrating
baby Jesus’ birthday!
Hooray! In order to
prepare for this
celebration, the children
will be engaging in the
following activities at
school: creating
invitations for their friends;
decorating the
classroom; dramatic reenactment of the first
Christmas night! In
keeping with our allergy
safe policy, we will not be
sharing food items.
However, we encourage
you to pack your child
with their own ‘special
nut/egg/sesame safe
treat’ to celebrate Jesus’
birthday! In addition,
please send your child to
school in their pajamas
that day! Uniforms are not
required. We look
forward to a festive

Strengthening Early Literacy Skills
Congratulations! Your child is an emergent reader and writer!
This past October we began our Guided Reading program
with those children that are ready, and it has proven to be
successful! Some children are working on letter-sound
relationships as well as phonemic awareness skills (i.e.
rhyming, syllables etc.). However, all children are working in
their own literacy groups, receiving the early literacy support
that they need. Please continue to strengthen these skills at
home by making and identifying rhymes; clapping out
syllables in words; identifying beginning and ending sounds in
words; and providing exposure to as much print as possible.
If your child is taking home a reading book, please continue
to emphasize strategies taught in the classroom when they
come to a word they do not know: try again, move your
mouth, does it look like another word you know, look at the
picture. It is with great excitement and pride that we tell you
that they look forward to Shared and Guided reading time!
It would be beneficial for ALL children to engage in activities
focusing on letter-sound association and word attack
strategies. Once again, here are some activities you can do
at home to strengthen their skills....

2. Play matching games such as: Concentration or Go
Fish with high frequency words
3. Create a home Journal! Writing prompts include: on
the weekend; last night; I went; I like.
4. Leap Frog DVD: The Letter Factory (excellent DVD to
help learn letters and sounds)
5. Make letters and words with playdoh
6. Find letters/words in magazines and cut them out to
make a collage or put in a sentence.
7. Encourage your child to read and post words around
their environment (i.e. write the names of each
member of family as place settings at dinner time!)
8. Have your child think and write their own ending to a
9. Write letters to relatives and friends. Ensure they write
back! Kids love writing and receiving mail!
10. Read! Read! Read!