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Hitler Essay

Caeleb B
Hitler seemed to be a master planner, rather than an opportunist. In his book “Mein
Kampf” he wrote about all of his views on life, race and religion. Everything he wrote about
seemed to be applied to his plans during the war. Hitler did or tried to do many things during
the war that he wrote about in his book. For example, the creation of a superior race by
exterminating lesser races. For him, the lesser race was the Jews. Hitler seemed like a master
planner because of 3 things: his views in Mein Kampf, his belief in racial superiority (Aryan race)
and all the actions he made during the war.

In Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, he talks about his anti-Semitic views, religious views and
the Aryan race. Hitler wanted a superior race with all blonde hair and blue eyed people. He also
had a hatred towards Jews because of many past experiences in his life, for example, the death
of his mother, which was due to cancer. Her doctor was a Jew and Hitler blamed her death on
the doctor and this would later grow into a hatred for the entire race. After Hitler was released
from his “jail”, he would get his book published. At first it didn’t do as well as he hoped, until he
gained power over the country and forced the German people to read it, hoping they’d agree
with his views. This would help Hitler in his later plans for Germany when he became Fuhrer of
the country. He would try to “ethnically cleanse” all of the Jews of Germany and Europe.

Hitler also had a strong opinion on racial superiority. During the war, Hitler tried to
exterminate all of the Jews in Western Europe. He would send them to work camps, later
known as concentration camps. Many of the people in Germany who didn’t meet Hitler’s
standards were also sent to concentration camps. On the contrary, Hitler thought that
Germans with blonde hair and blue eyes were the Aryan race, or the superior race. By the end
of the war, Hitler killed over 6 million Jews and other innocent people. This all had to do with
his views expressed in Mein Kampf, as well as his views on racial superiority.

The actions that Hitler made during the Second World War all involved the things he
wrote about in his book. He “ethnically cleansed” almost all of Western Europe from Jews and
kept Germany an “Aryan” type race. Hitler didn’t let anyone stand in his way during the war
until the Soviets and the Allies captured Berlin when his troops were forced to stand down.

Nearing the end of the war Hitler had many trains shipping Jews to concentration camps to try
to finish his “ultimate goal” as some people would argue, was not actually the war. After Berlin
fell, Hitler and many of his followers committed suicide so they would not be tried for their
crimes. Hitler had still achieved many of his goals during the war that he had written about and
they were not stopped until the end of the war.

I think that Hitler is a master planner, rather than an opportunist. I think this because of
all the views and so called plans he wrote about in his early life. These would later be carried
out and he worked his way to the top of the political powers in Germany. He would then
destroy anyone beneath him unless they agreed with his views or he liked them. These are the
things that make Hitler a master planner, not an opportunist.