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We are the Texelex!

How we organise ourselves

Your presentation needs to have the following info:

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
-Albert Einstein

Mission Statement
To introduce,teach and strengthen our
buddies technology skills and up and have
fun by playing games!!!!!

1. Introduce new technology skills like typing, How to take photos and more
2. Have Fun with the Students!
3. Teach students how to use the computers properly
4. Respect the rest of the group

Group responsibility
Sam - Help them find out how to use the computer, Help them with the
games! Also to go to classrooms and ask if there free.
Alasdair - To email the teachers of the class if they can meet us in the tech
lab, or game finding!
Mateo - Finding games for the students to play. Cameraman 2, also to arrange
the class we go to every week!
Nick - Make sure everyone does the right thing. Cameraman 1, also to arrange
the schedule! Also to go to classrooms and ask if there free.

We are doing 30 mins for 1ren. We start at 10:20-10:50. We will provide all
the resources for our community. So they don’t have to do it themselves. We
wish you will have fun!

Impact on others
The impact on others is helping others with their
technology skills and improve them with typing skills
introduce and most of all letting them have fun! The
impact on us is to learn how to teach little kids
educational/technology skills.

Completed planner
We will intend to G1ai from 1:35-2:00 on Tuesday

on Friday

Ms Rachel on Friday - at 10:20 to 10:50 (G1Ren)
Mr Malik email
Ms Lawler on Tuesday- at 1:30-1:50

Emails out

Emails in

Sams Advert

Photos and

Photos and

Photos and Evidence

Photos and


Photos and Evidence

Alasdair’s Reflection
I thought that it went really really well and everything was in order.
The challenge was to find the games that would be suitable for the
The thing I have learned is to have better organization so we know what’s
going on and when it’ll happen.
The thing we can improve is being more organized, since the unit how we
organize ourselves.

Mateo’s Reflection
Im pretty sure that the first action with 1ai
went well. It was a challenge telling the
kids to play only the educational games. I
have learned that little kids like playing the
educational games but sometimes get off
topic. I think we can improve at coming at
the right time.

Sam’s Reflection
I think it went pretty well! Altho we were a
little late to get to their classroom. The
challenge was to explain what to do in the
educational games. We have learned that
we have to get to their classroom a little
bit more early so we can boot our
computers up and be ready for the grade
1s. We can improve by getting there earlier

Nick’s Reflection
I thought that the session went really well. The students
really enjoyed the games.
The challenging thing about the session was the games.
Some of the students didn’t want to play all the
educational games.I have learned To tell the students to
not get distracted by the games. I can improve by helping
my group members with difficulties.

The nitty gritty
What- (resources)
We need our computers educational games/videos.
Where- (where in the school)
We are going to be in the I.T room.
When- (what time) On Friday 10:20-10:50
How- (how were going to do it)
We are going to find educational games and videos that are fun and help
typing skills.