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*The passport we it can extract
in the offices of the State

* To present originally of the bond of citizenship in valid format

* To present previous passport, if it has it.
* Once you have been attended in the office of passport, it will
receive a receipt with which it will have to effect the
payment of the passport


*This form must be dealed on line. Please

to bring the leaf of confirmation with the
bar code for the day of his interview in the
Embassy of the United States.

*In force passport
* A photo
*Document of identity For the

solicitors of visa 14-year-old minors
of age, copy of the sheet of paper
of the Civil Record of Birth.

*I SPEND 1: Select his type of visa.
*I SPEND 2: Immigrant Deals with
the form Request of Visa of Not.

*I SPEND 3: Cancel the rights of

request of visa and programme his
appointments to be present at his

*I SPEND 4: One Present in the CAS that you selected
(Bogota or Medellin) in the date and hour of his
appointment, for the capture of photography and

*I SPEND 5. Appear in the Unit of Visas of the Embassy of
the United States in Bogota in the date and hour of his

*I SPEND 6: Gather his passport with visa in DHL's office
or in the CAS that you selected