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Everyones identity has an origin.

What conditions they were born into and what kind of

influences one experiences can affect how their identity develops. But ultimately, our identity is for us
to choose. What shapes our choice is the circumstances we face in life, but the choices each person
makes about who to be is their ultimate identity.
The person I choose to analyze is named Bryan Narcisse. A rap artist, an ex-Clemson basketball
player, and an ex-Globetrotter team member. But for all these attributes about Bryan, who Bryan
choose to be does not significantly reflect any of these.
According to Bryans Facebook page, he was born in North Augusta S.C. North Augusta is a
typical small southern town with 14 main churches with only one being non-protestant. It is very likely
that Bryan grew around the Churches influence along with the FCA organization at his high school. The
other thing that Bryan grew up around was basketball and hip-hop. Bryan played basketball at North
Augusta High School and was a part of the basketball social group, which probably took an opposite
effect of the church community. The stereotypical teenage locker room talk about their sexual
endeavors and how shit-faced they can get is true even as young as in middle school. Looking at the
music he shares on Facebook, almost all of it is of the Hip-Hop genre. Today, the popular hip-hop music
also provides influence opposite to what a Christian churchs influence should be. Hip-hops influence is
also similar to what the boys who part took in the locker room talk would present to Bryan. So, Bryan
was then presented a point of conflict, either associate with his peers that part took in the stereotypical
boys locker room talk or associate with his peers a part of the church and FCA community. This is
where B-nice had to make his choice for his identity. Either associate the peers in locker room talk,
associate with his peers in FCA, or just try to satisfy both.

The path that Bryan chose to follow can be found in further analysis
of his Facebook page and YouTube channel.
Of the likes on his Facebook page, 13 out of the twentysomething items that Bryan has liked pertain to student oriented
ministry in both high school and college. Of those 13, seven are FCA
organization at different high schools across the south. All the groups
on facebook that Bryan is member of are directly related to FCA, all
the music Bryan likes on Facebook are either Christian rappers or Christian worship music, and his job as
he has listed is working for FCA directly. From this we can say that Bryan is a Christian closely related to
the student ministry of FCA. However, anybody can like a facebook page that is of a Christian rapper and
anybody can work for FCA as an accountant. What makes Bryan different than the rest? What is Bryans
true identity?
Well for starters, Bryan took his basketball talents beyond high school to play at Clemson and to
gain a degree in communications. Bryans skills as basketball player makes him great to relate to other
basketball players, and his experience of choosing his Christianity over impressing his teammates in both
high school and college also greatly qualifies him for FCA ministry. Looking at Bryans time line since
January first to Augusta 31, more knowledge about Bryans particular FCA activities can be gained.

In this post, there is a picture showing Bryan speaking to FCA students in what appears to be a
high school.

In this photo, Bryan is on stage performing something at TrueNorth Church. When you put two
together, it is obvious Bryan is performing during the churchs worship service.
So, not only is Bryan a speaker for FCA, but is also can be a part of leading worship. Looking at
his YouTube channel explains why he is up on stage.
In these videos we can see that he is musically talented with rap and he uses that to witness.
Obviously Bryan has manifested his love of Hip-hop into an ability to rap himself. This explains the
picture of Bryan on stage. This also explains many of his Facebook posts talking about the project he was

working on and the new album other than an album called S.O.A.P.S.

Looking through his videos further I found his dunk mix video with a background song by Bryan.
In the video, Bryan gives thanks to God several times in the song and on one line the lyrics say
that basketball is way more than a game now, it has become, his platform. What he means is
basketball has become the platform off which he ministers to other people. For Bryan, God, rap, and
basketball are one in the same. Bryan grew up in North Augusta choosing the Christian influence of the
Church community and the FCA influence and now he has turned his passion, Basketball and rap, into a
way to minister for God. His life is not centered on developing his rap music further for self-promotion
like many rappers, and, according to the song, Bryan plays basketball with his maximum effort as
witness. It seems that Bryans life is centered around his ministry for his religion.

Therefore, Bryan uses his skill with basketball, his experience in the locker room situation, and
his music talent to minister and there is no example amongst his social media pages that show that he
uses his talents other than to help him with his ministry. Bryans identity cannot be described as a
basketball player, or an artist. Bryan is at his core is a Christian and a minister for his religion. All of
Bryans abilities all appear to be orientated towards his identity as a Christian minister. Bryan recognizes
this. Looking around on his facebook page for something related to SOAPS, I found an article in his about
the concept behind SOAPS.
My heart behind S.O.A.P.S!
So I've had a lot of people ask me the meaning behind the album title and what not so allow me
to expound on it here: The full name of the project is Sketches of a Panoramic Skyline and every track is
supposed to represent a snapshot of life that is part of a bigger picture in the grand spectrum of time.
When I look at a skyline, I think about how VAST it stretches across the horizon and when I do, I instantly
think how big my God is. I could literally elevate as high as possible and I still would have God's creation
outside of my peripheral vision, that's how vast the works of His hands are. Bigger than that however,
I'm reminded how the love he showers upon me stretches wider than any horizon in the universe and
strong enough to RINSE any guilt, shame, or sin that I hold on to all the while reminding me that he has
so much MORE in store for me that hasn't even been revealed yet. So as I begin to mentally sketch what
that could mean, every scenario points back to one central idea that He wants me to's NOT
ABOUT ME. The universe was created to show off the glory of God and it is my job to LET EM KNOW
through how I make the most of what He's given me. So what does that look like, well when I was
playing basketball that mean going hard on every play and with the same authority that Christ
conquered the grave with, I was trying to conquer every opponent in my way. Many of whom were left
POSTERIZED primarily because I went into games with the mindset of "I'm going to prove you wrong"
because there are people who thought because I was a Christian that my faith made me soft and I won't
amount to much. I look at those people now and think, this is what happens when you SAY I WON'T. Not
saying I'm doing it big right now but meaning that so many people see me merely as GRAFFITI on the
wall, I'm understood by some and looked down upon by others but at the end of the day I'm just LIVIN'
LIFE. But ask any Christian and they'll tell you that there are times where we end up in a MAZE chasing
things with no eternal value but the love of Christ draws our ESCAPE out of it and once you FEEL IT you
realize it's ENOUGH to satisfy you for the rest of your days. But we aren't called to do life alone, so we
have to BUILD relationships that spur us onto good deeds and towards seeking after Christ in our own
personal walks. And when your JOURNEY gets rough and the future looks bleak, know that we trust the
creator of the universe who has ordered your steps from the beginning and He has clearly brought you
TOO FAR to leave you now. The same God who's voice sketched the skyline into existence will be with
me and you until the end of eternity.
3 days until the project comes out...I'm happier than Christopher Columbus with a speed boat!

In the article Bryan describes the basis by which Bryan lives his life. Bryan believes that every
moment or snapshot is a part of a bigger picture, purpose, or plan. Bryan does not live his life thinking
that one moment is independent of the other; rather he believes that his steps have been ordered by
his creator. He believes that every moment or event in his life is for a purpose. Bryan believes that his
life is not about him but about the bigger picture that he is apart. Bryan believes that the universe was
created to show Gods glory and therefore believes that as a part of Gods creation his mission is to LET
EM KNOW about Gods glory in everything that he does. He gives basketball as an example. Bryan
believes life is like a MAZE and that following God is the ESCAPE. This is Bryans fundamentally belief
that governs his decisions and life. Bryans identity is not Bryan Narcisse, extremely good basketball
player and talented rapper, but Bryan, the minister for Christianity.