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Discussion Questions (suggested responses):


What have been the key success factors for Anheuser-Busch?

a. Decision to become a leader in mining customers buying
b. Timely data: getting information back from wholesalers and
retailers on what is selling where and when.
c. Creating BudNET and WEARS.
d. Tracking consumer-purchasing behavior using IRI data.
e. Using store data, creating targeted marketing material.
f. Demographic data allows them to know what products sell
better in each location.
g. Use of the EIA to guide product assortment decisions

2) Where is Anheuser-Busch vulnerable?

a. Changes in governmental regulations concerning alcoholic

b. Changes in diet preferences/consumer preferences for
alcoholic products
c. Competitive activities that mimic or improve upon
technological processes
3) What should it watch out for?

a. Identifying trends and megatrends in the alcoholic industry

b. Monitor the six major environmental forces of:
(i) Demographic.



Social-cultural .





What recommendations would you make to senior marketing

executives going forward?
a. Understand peoples views of themselves, others,
organizations, society, nature, and the universe as it pertains
to alcoholic consumption.
b. Continue to present a positive corporate education awareness
program regarding responsibility toward alcoholic


What should they be sure to do with their marketing?

a. Work closely with local and national governments, pressure
groups and other environmental arenas to position the
company as being socially responsible to these concerns.
b. Continue to present their advertising showing alcoholic
consumption in a responsible manner.