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20143 Selling for Tourism: Final Presentation Sales Plan

To assist you with your planning for the Final Sales Presentation Assignment, submit the following
document in conjunction with your FAB worksheet. Together, these two documents form your planning
sheets and are worth 10% of your final grade. This document should address how best to sell the
product or service that you have chosen.
Attach a 2nd draft of your Features-Benefits Worksheet as the first page of this document. DUE: Friday,
November 14 IN CLASS

Prospecting & Pre-Approach

Key information about your company & product
Industry sector information & how your company fits into it
Company Knowledge History & culture, range of products/services, promotional programs,
pricing policies
Competitive landscape
Prevedello Winery is a small winery located in Asolo, a tiny and suggestive city in the north of Italy, and
specialized in the production of the sparkling white wine typical of this area: the Prosecco. This vineyard
stands out from the constellation of others small or bigger estates in the area because of its special
location; the grapevines are situated in an extremely hilly field, allowing the grapes to gain a various
range of flavours, enriching the wine itself. Another unique feature of Prevedello winery is its history
and tradition. The land where the grapevines are located has been owned by Prevedellos family for
generations; however, just around 6 years ago Franco Prevedello (notorious Italian-Canadian
restaurateur living in Toronto) following his passion for wines decided to renew and optimize his
property in Italy in order to produce a premium and authentic Prosecco. Prevedello Winery employs
around 15 people (25 during harvest times) and display only 4 hectares of land; the minor size of the
winery emphasizes a passionate and detailed care in the growing and treatments of plants and land,
making Prevedello Prosecco quite a specialized product. Prevedello Prosecco passed the LCBOs
selection to become a Vintage Wine for the first time in 2009; since then, it punctually won every year
selling over 90% of the whole imported quantity. 80% of the sales are in the private sector (people going
to the LCBO) while 20% is sold to restaurants; Nota Bene, Splendido, Carbon Bar are just some of the
restaurant in city in which Prevedello Prosecco is currently sold.
Key information about the company you are selling to
Target market, customer base, industry position
Information about the companys MNEs re: your product/service
Vita Sociale is a fun and casual Italian-themed restaurant located in Yonge and Eglinton area, in Toronto.
The restaurant attracts a wide-range of costumers couples, families, seniors, corporate meetings - that
can see their expectations fulfilled with good food, a broad selection of wines and great service. The
main target market of Vita Sociale is a quite savvy costumer for what concern wines and foods, who is
looking for a memorable experience. Prevedello Prosecco would fit like a glove in the wine list of this
restaurant: not only would satisfy Vita Sociales need to stands out as a premium Italian restaurant in
the city, but also would be an ideal pairing with the different appetizers and fish-based dishes in the
How did you secure the meeting with your prospect? Have you done customer mapping?
The name of my prospect is Armando Mano, the owner of Vita Sociale restaurant. He is going to be the
one making the final decision, since his role in costumer mapping is the Final Decision-Maker. From how

TMS300TA Selling for Tourism: Final Presentation Sales Plan

my boss described me Mr. Mano, I assumed he is an Expressive type; for this reason I will not bother
sending him an e-mail but just call him directly, introducing myself and the company Im working for,
being friendly and stressing quick benefits. During the call we will set a meeting and he will let me know
that his General Manager, as well as Sommelier Jeremy Geyer, is going to be present at the meeting. My
approach with Mr. Geyer will be different since he is a Driver type: Im going to call him and quickly
emphasize the reputation of my company and my expertise in the product; I would be formal and
focused on describing how my product will benefit the objectives for the restaurant he is running. Mr.
Geyer is the Influencer in costumer mapping, for this reason I will make sure to convince him about my
product providing him with factual, brief and concise explanations and offering him different


How will you introduce your company and yourself What do they need to know?
How will you establish a rapport?
How will you get and keep their attention?
Vita Sociale previously Centro Restaurant & Lounge- was a restaurant owned by Franco Prevedello,
therefore the presence of the Prosecco with his name in the wine list would be expected by any
customer. This point, together with the emphasis on the Proseccos quality and uniqueness, would
be my main arguments to introduce my company to the prospect. In addition I will focus on the
history and culture of the winery I am representing, and how we get to the production of this
premium and specialized product. I will then describe and stress on the theme of the restaurant and
explain how the excellence of my wine would match with the costumers expectations. I will get
their attention show them how Prevedello Prosecco, despite its small production and the relatively
restricted size of the vineyard, manage to beat a quite tough competitiveness and place itself as a
Vintage Wine at the LCBO.

Probing for Needs

Include a list of key questions, esp. ones that will allow you to identify areas of need and followup:
What kind of Prosecco are you currently selling in your restaurant?
Would you like your costumers to think about the Prosecco not only as a cocktail wine but also as a wine
to consume with a meal?
What do you feel about the credibility of your restaurant as a bearer of Italian tradition?

The Presentation
Using features, advantages and benefits is the key exercise in planning what you want to say in your
presentation. But you need to have a clear, simple message. In 1-2 sentences, give the elevator pitch
for your presentation (i.e. a short summary in just a few words that is easy to remember).
Prevedello Prosecco is the premium product of a family-run business where passion and care for every
grapevine is placed first. The result is a crisp, fresh and vivacious wine that can be enjoyed either as a
cocktail or paired with any of your many veggie appetizers and fish-based dishes; Prevedello Prosecco
will enhance the credibility of your wine list placing your restaurant at the top authentic Italian
restaurants in the city.

TMS300TA Selling for Tourism: Final Presentation Sales Plan

Handling Objections (See Chapter 8)

What do you anticipate will be some objections (2-3) that your prospect may have?
Discuss how you will answer these questions or challenges.
1) I already have one Prosecco in my wine list. Why should I add yours as well?
You should add Prevedello Prosecco because it is completely different and can offer way more
quality than the Prosecco already present in your wine list, Jejo Bisol; indeed this comes from
another town, Valdobbiadene and is produced in mass quantity from a considerable big winery
that collect the grapes from many different vineyards. On the other hand, Prevedello Prosecco is
produced in the hilly lands of Asolo and just the grapes cultivated in those 4 hectares of field go
in the wine, this means that is not blended with any other grape. The exposure to more wind
and sun thanks to the geographical position of the grapevines contributes to the unmistakable
taste and texture of the wine: a richer Prosecco with flavors of peach, green apple and spring
flowers. Also the Charmat process of fermentation is different: after the harvest the juice is
placed inside stainless steel tanks to ferment thanks to the addition of carbon dioxide. The
pressure of the carbon dioxide can be regulated in a way to be stronger and get a final product
in a shorter period of time, as in the case of Jejo Bisol, or less strong obtaining a final product in
90 days or more, as in the case of Prevedello Prosecco. The difference in these two processes is
relevant: thanks to the slowness of the carbonation process, Prevedello Prosecco will have
smaller bubbles and more complete taste than Jejo Bisol. I can assure you that other restaurants
had the same perplexities, but once they tried my Prosecco in their menu costumers could see
the difference in flavor and they could see the difference in higher sales as well.
2) Prosecco can just be used as a cocktail wine.
I agree with the fact that sparkling wines are mostly used as cocktails. However, the wide
adaptability of Prevedello Prosecco will surprise you: its not just wonderful to be paired with
veggie appetizers, fresh cheeses, salami, salads, and fish such as lobsters, mussels and prawns
but is also amazingly suitable to mix in cocktails such as Aperol Spritz and giving them more
3) Im not interested in sparkling wine. Do you have any other wine to offer?
Prevedello winery is specialized in producing great quality sparkling wine. Prosecco covers a
valuable position in the Italian wine panorama and can be considered one of the more
important, if not the most, in Veneto region (as a matter of fact is classified as D.O.C.G controlled designation of origin guaranteed - the highest quality assurance label for Italian
wines). I strongly believe that introducing Prosecco Asolo in the wine list of your restaurant will
enrich it in an unforgettable manner.

Gaining Commitment (See Chapter 9)

List the common mistakes you will avoid in the Decision Stage:
1. Overselling dont go over the features and benefits of my product all over because scared of
asking for the sale
2. Underselling - dont rush in closing the sale but prove my fully knowledge of the Prosecco giving
them an exhaustive explanation without boring them
3. Not asking for the order once Im sure my prospects fully understand the benefits that my
product is going to give them, dont be afraid to ask them for the order or the sign of a contract.

TMS300TA Selling for Tourism: Final Presentation Sales Plan

Your prospect may display one of several buying signals during your presentation. Briefly describe 2-3
of them:
1) Physical buying signal: Mr. Mano is examining the bottle of Prosecco I brought for my
presentation and he is nodding while Im explaining the features of the wine.
2) Spoken buying signal: I wish it were possible for me and my General Manager to taste the wine
3) Spoken buying signal: How many cases do you have available to sell?
Name the technique for gaining commitment you think might be most successful in this presentation,
and why?
Concession Close If I offer you half a case of wine to try and verify how sales go, do we have a deal?
I think this would be a perfect technique for gaining commitment with my prospect because offering
him the option to try the wine for free will reflect my security about its effectiveness. Moreover this
strategy will increase Mr. Manos willingness to purchase higher quantities because he would feel
somehow in debt with my generosity.

TMS300TA Selling for Tourism: Final Presentation Sales Plan