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How the Other Half Lives

By: Jacob Riis

The Bend
The Bend is the foul core of New Yorks slums. It is located on Mulberry Street. Riis
discusses how the Bend is an abomination because it is extremely filthy. There is an
army of tramps. The Italians were against permanent improvement. Bayard Street
is the high road to Jewtown across the Bowery. There are Hebrew faces, Hebrew
signs, and constant chatter in a queer lingo. The general death-rate for the whole
city in 1888 was 26.27.
The Color Line in New York
The landlord creates a color line in his building. He must separate the different
races. The negro man has great ambition even though he has major setbacks due to
his race. He is willing to accept the prejudice done to him. They hold festive
gatherings, and their churches are overflowing with people. The negro man is both
willing and anxious to learn. His intellectual status is distinctly improving.
Additionally, his emotions are sincere, even if not deeply rooted.
The Mixed Crowd
There are many immigrants in NYC. There are Italians, Germans, the French,
Africans, the Spanish, Bohemians, Russians, Scandinavians, Jews, and the Chinese. It
is unknown where the former American inhabitants left. NYC is becoming more and
more prevalent with immigrants and less and less populated with Americans.