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Did you know that Charles Darwin , except for the theory of evolution , is responsible for

discoverying fingerprints?
A Scottish surgeon named Herni Folds liked the Japanese pottery on which were
fingerprints.Viewing them , Dr. Falls became interested in fingerprints and began to observe
human cheekbones , and then the cheekbones and monkeys and he noticed high similaritys and
some regularitys.

His observations about how the lines look on fingers ,he wrote in an article that was published in
1880 in the journal Nejcer.He sketched the lines on the paper and he put a description of their
owners(color of their eyes, skin , their gender and nationality)
In article,he suggested.

He suggested that the prints can be saved by can diping your finger in ink and putting a mark on
the paper .He also suggested that police can identify criminals by his discovery.
There are 4 types of fingerprints patterns:

whorl is a type of spiral or circular pattern.

Tended arches

The fingerprints of tobacco smokers contain traces of nicotinine,so their fingerprints are
fluorescent and fingerprints from `non-smokers' stay dark. In 2008, British researchers
developed methods of identifying users of marijuana, cocaine and etc.