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Mitch Skrabacz / Aer Full Story / October 19, 2014

As we pulled up in front of the unassuming, small brick building in downtown

Buffalo, NY that would host three different artists that night, we were not exactly
sure what to expect.
Knowing that we would be interviewing the duo group Aer in just a few minutes we
met up with their tour manager Mike Trueblood. He walked us in the main entrance
and into a dimly lit, recently renovated venue called The Waiting Room.
Walking past a long bar to our left and a small stage which was still in the process of
being set up toward the back Trueblood pulled back a big black curtain to the reveal
what was considered backstage. We followed him upstairs and into a small room
where Carter Schultz and David von Mering, the two members of Aer, were seated
comfortably with a few friends.
Schultz and von Mering pulled themselves out of the low-sitting black leather couch
to greet both of us casually.
It was imminently noticeable that the two of them radiated laid back personalities.
It seemed as if both of them were comfortably lounging in their own homes, each
sporting sweatpants and sneakers while Schultz wore a collarless button-up and
von Mering a simple t-shirt. Both complimented it all with a snapback.
The two graduated from high school together in 2011 while their manager,
Trueblood, graduated the year prior. Hailing from the suburbs of Boston in Wayland,
MA Schultz and von Mering worked together in a larger band during their earlier
high school years, but this was only a preview to what they would accomplish
together as a pair a few years later.
The duos first two mixtapes, Water On The Moon and The Reach, were both
released prior to their graduation. Later in 2011 they released their first EP titled
What You Need which reached the number one spot in iTunes album charts for the
Hip-Hop genre.
Their first official record The Bright Side was released in July of 2012 and climbed
its way to the number one spot in the iTunes album charts, while also finding a place
on the Billboards Top 200. Two years later the duo released their self-titled album
Despite such early success with their music, Schultz says, I dont even feel like
weve reached that big break moment, where were like oh my God.

Regardless of that notion, Schultz recognized playing in Dover, DE for Firefly Music
Festival as a defining moment for the band.
For me, we played Firefly Festival. It was so much fun, so many kids there. But not
only that, explained Schultz, a lot of support from fans. I was surprised how many
kids knew every word. So that was definitely a moment where I luckily got the split
second of time to like reflect and just, wow.
Those who havent heard of Aer might be thrown back by their unique sound.
Funky, reggae, rock, indie, hip-hop, pop, is the best way von Mering could classify
the musical genre of the duo.
Schultz added, Were not really trying to fit anywhere.
Its this new genre were starting called listen to it, concluded von Mering with
This relatively new musical style is noticeably distinct through the individual
sounds that each member brings to the duo.
Von Mering, who mixes beats for the group and sings most choruses in a laid back,
feel good manner, credits The Red Hot Chili Peppers as one of his biggest influences.
He credits them saying, The Chili Peppers made me wanna start a band. Von
Mering also mentioned Nirvana as an inspiration.
Schultz, who brings a much more hip-hop and rap vibe, listed Death Cab For Cutie as
one of his earliest influences. Over the years he turned more toward reggae with
Bob Marley & The Wailers, Sublime and Slightly Stoopid. Eventually hip-hop figures
like Kid Cudi and Notorious B.I.G. began to have a major impact on Schultzs sound.
Aer is currently on the road for The House Party Tour, which will come to a close
before the end of October. This is not the first experience with touring for von
Mering and Schultz; in fact this is already their fourth tour in the past three years.
These tours have taken them from their hometown of Boston to crossing the
northern border into Canada to the beaches of California and even to Europe as they
played a few shows in Germany. They refer to the collective effort of their tours as
The Fresh Aer Movement.
Von Mering commented on the label, Even when you think about the name fresh
Aer movement you already feel better about the feel good music.
Even though Aer has created a successful sound for themselves through these tours
they face the constant mislabel of being categorized as frat rap. Schultz said in

response to being labeled frat rap, Yeah college students really fuck with our shit,
but so do high-schoolers and so do some 30 year-olds.
Schultz continued to say, Were gonna build ourselves in a credible enough like
realm where if we did put out a serious song, it would be taken seriously.
They wont let this stop them though as von Mering noted, I dont think were ever
gonna like, stop having fun with it though. The whole care-free goofiness of it, I dont
think thats ever gonna go away.
Schultz revealed, We wanna make a dope album next. The duo told us that they
have artillery in their bank for a new album.
Were working, second quarter of 2015, said Schultz.
Tryin to make some fucking bangers, added von Mering, Fucking bangers,
Schultz echoed after him.
Before thanking Aer for their time von Mering said in foresight of the upcoming
show later that night, I definitely have a feeling for me that its either a good or a
bad show. When its bad, its cool I just kind of like let things happen a little more
thats not me.
As we snapped a quick photo with the two we left the room eager to see what they
had in store for The Waiting Room a few hours later.

The night was kicked off by relatively unkown Chicago native Njomza. She prefaced
the stage with her slow hip-hop beats drizzled with a sexy R&B voice.
After a seven song set Njomza left the stage warmed up for the second headliner
who would prove to steal the show on that Saturday night.
From Las Vegas, Dizzy Wright stepped onto the stage and the crowd instantly
became transfixed with the rapper. The energy that he brought to the stage was
transmitted to the audience, which led to a sea of waving hands in front of Dizzy.
Unbeknownst to the Buffalo crowd this is the rowdiest that The Waiting Room
would get that night.
The highest point, or points, of his set list came when he wound up to dive into the
crowd, twice, during the same song. In the low ceilinged building with pipes and air
vents running this way and that, a stage dive seemed impossible, but Dizzy and his
stage mate, both managed to pull it off.

Throughout his presence on stage he made a point he made a point to shout out his
latest EP, State of Mind and album Confessions. The crowd gave him a loud and
excited response as he left the stage.
A few minutes following his exit, Aers DJ, known as DJ Smiles, came on to mix a
few songs to warm up the crowd. Just before von Mering entered the stage DJ Smiles
did his best to pump up those who stayed put.
When I say FRESH AER, yall say MOVEMENT! shouted DJ Smiles. The crowd
responded, and on the third repetition of this chant, von Mering excitedly jumped on
the stage to start playing the guitar melody to their first song.
After a few minutes Schultz rocketed onto the stage and brought a considerable
amount of energy with him as well. It seemed as though he was almost completely
out of control and likely to knock over microphone stands, drum sets and even
fellow band members on the tiny stage.
Schultzs stage presence seemed as though he was simply taken over by the music
and was fully invested in providing a good show for the fans. Despite his unrelenting
energy, the crowd seemed to disperse to about half of the crowd that Dizzy had.
Before most of the fans left though, Schultz was able to match the challenge of taking
a dive into the crowd.
The most popular songs that they played were Feel I Bring, Spades Clubs &
Diamonds, and Says She Loves Me.
Toward the end of Aers performance Schultz took a moment to thank his fans,
Whether its been three years, two years or you just found out about us yesterday,
were glad you came here to Buffalo to spend a Saturday night with us.
They played their last song and left the stage to half-hearted cries for an encore.
They made sure not to disappoint.
They climbed back onto the stage and set up for what would be their last song of the
night. As they jumped into Whatever We Want Dizzy joined them for a guest verse
to send off the crowd.
Between the three acts it was evident that the second headliner was the main
attraction for most. Aer, however, did not disappoint those who stuck around.