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As an educator, my primary objective is to develop eachstudentsacademicunderstandingofthe subject matter
presented. To achieve this, I will emphasize the development of in-depth, conceptual knowledge of the material rather
than promoting memorization or surface-level understanding. By discussing solutions and the processes used to arrive
at answers, each student will acquire the ability to grasp conceptstherefore allowing them to apply them to problems
unfamiliar to themand cultivate a mastery of the presented subject material. I will identify, and sympathize with, each
studentsindividual needs and interests to better serve them and their own unique abilities. I will create a positive
classroom environment that promotes participation, student engagement, and overall involvement. Not only will
encouraging student involvement improve academic performance, but it will allow students to develop a stronger sense
of self-efficacy and self-confidence which will follow them in later years of school, and beyond.

Major: Sociology
Minor: Education
I am currently in my last year at UC Irvine, and willgraduateinJune2014.AfterIreceiveabachelorsinsociologyanda
minor in education, I plan to enroll in the UCI teaching credential program, a 15-month program which awards a
teaching credential and a Masters in the Arts of Education.
Major: Sociology

Skills & Abilities

Writing Skills I write novels, both fiction and non-fiction, and have self-published two books. The first novel, Stay
Human, is a non-fiction evaluation of contemporary social issues and a philosophical discourse on human needs,
behaviors and perspectives. My second novel, Jeneria: The White Citadel, is a fiction novel which follows an eleven-year
old girl and her development as a character after suffering tragic events. In the classroom, I intend to encourage creative
writing and the persistence necessary to complete a constructive, well-written paper.
Taekwondo I was a student of Taekwondo for three years, and competed in the YIC Taekwondo Tournament in April
2013 as an adult black belt competitor.
Knowledge of Secondary and Primary School Systems Ivespentthelastyearstudyingeducationinpublicschools,and
have familiarized myself with the Common Core State Standards which will be introduced in California public schools
this year. These standards, which focus on mathematics and reading, will emphasize conceptual application and

Ivevolunteered hours as an instructor at a local Taekwondo center where I worked with younger children (5-14), and
instructed them on Poomsae, kicking techniques, and discipline.

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