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Camila González.
Valentina Riquelme.

Carolina Rojas.

Teaching Experience I

Due date:
October 03rd, 2014

Versión Abreviada Muestras de Desempeño Docente1

Lesson Title: Use of English
Grade Level: 1st year English Pedagogy
UCSC Supervisor: Camila González/ Valentina Riquelme
Supervisor Signature: Tatiana Neira
Mentor Teacher:

Tatiana Neira

Teacher Signature: Carolina Rojas



MDD Standard

The teacher candidate collects data regarding the institutional and classroom
contexts, the characteristics of the pupils as a group and its diversity, using this
information to plan and deliver instruction.

1. Community in which the school is located and/or serves, municipality or
owner and school factors:
The University is located in Talcahuano, VIII region of Chile, far away from the
downtown and far away from other communities such as: Chiguayante, Coronel,
Penco, Tome, etc.
1.1How These Factors May Impact My Lessons:
One problem of that factor is that students have to get up very early to arrive on
time at the university. So, teachers have the responsibility to create interesting
activities to keep their students’ attention (especially during the morning). In
addition to this, there are a lot of students who live in other cities, maybe that is an
important issue to be aware of.

Adapted to the MDD standards and tasks from based the document
Level II Teacher Work Sample. University of Northern Iowa, Level 2
of the UNI Teacher Education Professional Sequence.

2.Student Characteristics and Their Instructional Implications:

2.1 Description of First Characteristic of Student(s) in this Class:
We observed that as they always work in groups, there are few students who show
interest in activities during the lesson.

2.1.1 How This Characteristic Will Impact my Lesson:
It could affect in our lesson, because it is difficult for us to monitor students’ learning. At
the same time, those students who do not usually participated will not feel comfortable
expressing their ideas or opinions.

2.2 Description of Second Characteristic of Students in this Class:
Another characteristic of this class, is that there are more women than men.

2.2.1 How This Characteristic Will Impact my Lesson:
It is important for the teacher to be aware of the activities that he/she plan because
he/she has to adequate those to their students and their preferences.

3. Physical Aspects of the Classroom and Their Instructional Implications: Below,
describe how two physical aspects of the classroom you observed (e.g., posters, room
arrangement, technology) might impact the way you instruct students, for example,
planning, motivation, management, or assessment. For each example, give a specific
instructional implication that will influence how you plan and implement your instruction.

3.1 Description of First Physical Aspect:
The first characteristic of the class was the room arrangement. Our students are
always sitting in groups around the classroom and sometimes this caused disturb
because they talked all the time and is very difficult to get their attention when they
were in an activity.

3.1.1 How This Aspect Will Impact My Lesson:

It can be a little difficult for us if we want to make some individual activities because
during the whole class they are so close. At the same time, it is hard to monitor them.

3.2 Description of Second Physical Aspect:
On the other hand, a positive physical aspect in terms of the size of the room is that the
classroom is not too big and it is easy to control the student behavior when the teacher
wants to give instructions or if she/he wants to explain a lesson.

3.2.1How This Aspect Will Impact My Lesson:
It is necessary to be aware of the size of the classroom in order to know which
activities are the most appropriate. In this case the size of the classroom is adequate to
do groups activities but it is not big enough when students have to do individual

3. Reflects on the importance of knowing about students and the context to
provide quality teaching

We as future teachers have to be aware of these factors because they influence the
atmosphere and the context of the learning.
For example, it is not the same to teach in a school that is in a rural area than in a
school located in the city. That is why our task as teachers is to adjust our planning to
the school context