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Main Idea Lesson Plan

Teacher name

Mrs. Brittany Minnick


Book Report/Reading

Grade Level


Time duration

30-45 minutes

Materials needed

Promethean Board
Apps: iBooks, Pages
Students will understand how to utilize the dictionary function on the
iBooks application. Students will identify the main idea.
SOL Standards
3.4 The student will expand vocabulary when reading.
c) Use word-reference materials, including the glossary, dictionary, and
3.5 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional text
and poetry.
i) Identify the main idea.
Students will be able to utilize the dictionary function and identify the
main idea of chapter three from the book report book Bridge to Terabithia.
After continued practice, students will also be able to apply this concept to
other content areas. Children need to be able to read a selection and be
able to determine the main idea instead of retelling the entire selection.
-Today we will be learning about identifying the main idea. After we
discuss this concept you apply this knowledge to chapter three of the Book
Report book: Bridge to Terabithia.
-Begin by showing the Brain Pop Jr. Video titled Main Idea on the
Promethean Board. ( 4 minutes and 18 seconds
-After students watch the video, the teacher will guide students through
the online quiz as a class. Read questions to class. Call out answers, Who
thinks letter A is correct? Repeat for each choice. Students will raise their
hand for the answer they think is correct. Discuss the reason for each
correct answer.
-Afterwards, pass out iPads. Instruct students to click on the iBooks app.
and pull up Bridge to Terabithia.
-Students will take turns reading aloud to the class. When students
approach the words pandemonium model how to utilize the dictionary
-Then continue reading. Once students approach hypocritical and scalding,
instruct students to utilize the dictionary function. Teacher will walk
around to check each childs iPad.
-Finish reading the story and discuss as a class.

Lesson Objective

Purpose of the lesson



-Review and model the process of identifying the main idea.

-Once students approach anticipation, students will type the definition
using the Pages app. They will utilize the definition function independently.
They will print out the definition to turn in to the teacher.
-Students will log-in to Edmodo and post the main idea of chapter three
under the assignments tab. Teacher will assess students responses. Then
students will comment on each others post. (nothing negative, but