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1. Basic Problems (fundamental and secondary problems)of Human Life and their Solutions.

2.Various sources of knowledge( as senses<science<, reason/intellect<philosophy<intuition, <extra sensual

perception/mysticism and wahi< religion<)
3.revelation (Wahy) as a source of knowledge and solution to human problems.kinds of
4.Divinity and Supermacy of Wahy.
5.Need of Religion and its role in Human Life
6. Islam and other religions.( comparative study of world famous religions)
7. Islam ,Its concept and meanings,
8. Deen and Muzhab.( diffenecce and the concept that isalm is not only a religion or mazhab
but a deen , a complete code of life)
9. Islamic concepts of Universe and Humanity, Place of Humanity in Islam, Man as
Vicegerent of Allah,
10. Chief Characteristics of Islamic Ideology.
11. introduction to Fundamental Beliefs and Practices of Islam
12. Tauheed (Unity of Allah),
13. Risalat (Finality of the Prophethood),
14.Akhirat (Day of Judgement).
15 itroduction to islamic ibaadat (worship)
16. Salat,
17. Soum,
18. Zakat,
20. Jehad.
21. Islamic Way of Life, how it is different from other systems . how islam gives us a
complete way of life
22. what are Sources of Shariah
23.The Quran,as source of sharia
24.Sunnah, as source of sharia

25. Ijma (Consensus),as source of sharia

26. Qiyas as source of sharia
27. Ijtihad (reasoning)as source of sharia
28. other sources of sharia as istihsan etc
29. Social system in Islam
30. Responsibilities and mutual relationship of members of family,
31.separate role of man and woman in an Islamic Social set up,
32.Responsibilities of man and woman in character-building of new
33. concept of Womans freedom in Islam,
34..Concept of morality,
35.Relationship of morality and Faith,Morality in Islam , /moral sytem in islam
36. Islamic principles and methods of character-building,
37. Moral values in Islam.
38. Islamic Political System
(i) Legislative System
(ii) Judicial System
39. Muslim ummah : Role and objectives of Muslim Ummah.
40 Quranic Ayat and their Translation.
Following last 10 surrah of the Holy Quran with their translations
1. Surrah Al-Feel
2. Surrah Al-Quresh
3. Surrah Al-Maoon
4. Surrah Al-Kausar
5. Surrah Al-Kafaroon
6. Surrah AN-NAsr

7. Surrah Al-Lahab
8. Surrah al- akhlas
9. Surrah Al-Falak
10. Surrah-An-Nas