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Roshani Shah
Rebecca Agosta
UWRT 1102-002
25th November 2014

People are now hindering high spirited work hours as the globalization accelerates. In
order to survive, a large number of companies need their staff to finish more work with higher
excellence or they are in risk of getting fired. It is not surprising to the fact that people work long
hours now a days to get their work done. Workaholism, which is described by researchers,
intellectuals, specialists, etc. brings out a huge revolution in the way people work. The change of
work pattern leads to personalized problems. There are divorces caused by the complaints made
by one spouse on the other partners due to heavy work load pressure. This essay aims to define
workaholism and demonstrate its set up on peoples health and happiness. Although the impacts
are not always positive, measures can always be taken to decrease the negative effects of
I began my research by reading the book Workaholics by Marilyn Machlowitz. The
book explains who are real workaholics, how you live with them and work with them. Later, I
researched more on how being a workaholic recognize the signs of intense security in themselves
about work explaining the workaholic breakdown syndrome of six fears (Barbara Killiger). Also
researched on how fine is the line between the workaholic and good work ethic. I also explored

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how workaholism is described as a disorder either it is physical, psychological or spiritual. The

word workaholism owes its origin, as well as it negative overtones, to alcoholism. The only
thing that distinguishes between workaholism and other addiction is that workaholism is
sometimes considered as virtue, while others are invariably considered vice. I would like to start
out with an example of the 21 year old is found dead in his bathroom after working 72 hours a
week. His father believed, he suffered from epileptic seizure triggered by exhaustion. People
who are addicted to work are egoistic and dont collaborate well, they just think about their own

Workaholic is someone who is addicted to working. A completely obsessive person, a

typical workaholic, very determined and obsessed by his work and his career. They value their
job over everything else. Work becomes their top priority before friends and family which
sometimes becomes a major problem in their life. While on the other hand the hard worker is the
one who knows or can balance their life between the work and personal life. They enjoy their
free time with their friends and family. People who are workaholics are the beliefs of no
workaholics. People who work to live can never understand those who live to work and they love
doing it.

According to Marilyn Machlowitz there are four distinct types of Workaholics. The first
type of workaholic is the Dedicated Workaholic they are single minded and one dimensional.
They dont expand their job descriptions to include some other interests because they simply
have no other interest. The second type is Integrated workaholic for them work is everything
but their work includes other interest too rather than dedicated workaholics. The third type of
workaholic is Diffuse workaholic these people change their job and field at frequent times.

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The fourth and last type of workaholic is Intense Workaholic- they pursue leisure activities
with the same passion, sense of purpose as the same passion as he pursues work.

Firstly, I would like present why America is called the Nation of Workaholics? People
are supposed to lead lives that is smoothly edged, balanced and more normal than those of
workaholics. Sure people work on weekdays but when its weekend they are supposed to spend
their time with family and friends instead spending their most of the time doing their office work
from home or working in weekends. Working long hours for employees sure can put them in to
pressure. Heres an example from my reading, George the leader of the South - West London
branch of workaholics anonymous become workaholic. According to him he was not a
workaholic, he just likes to keep himself busy with what he does. He never likes to sit still or
have some time with family. He always wanted to get more of what he does. He was one of those
rich persons who never have to worry about anything, of course he moved up from poverty. But
later when he was interviewed he realized he too was a workaholic and also admits that
workaholism does create problems in your life whether its now or later on. He decided to
undergo the 12 steps of workaholism. He always believed to find the solutions on your own
rather than bothering about the treatment. It is better to wait and sooner or later you definitely
will find the answer.

Secondly, I would like to discuss on how the six escalating fears of workaholic
breakdown syndromes affecting the persons identity. The six fears of workaholic syndrome are
a.) Fear of failure b.) Fear of Boredom, c.) Fear of laziness, d.)Fear of Discovery, e.)Fear of
Self-discovery, f.) Paranoia. This fears underlines every possession. (Killinger Barbara). Here
she explores the six escalating fears of breakdown syndrome in which I would just concentrate

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on Paranoia. It is a thought process that is heavily influenced by fear of discovery (obsessional

thinking results in wrong judgment) or by the fear of self-discovery (ego-inflated arrogance). In
this fear person begins to suffer in high depression. Some act out of anxiety when others disagree
to them or challenge their agenda. In short workaholics trust no one rather they themselves
become unreliable and not trustworthy.

Next, I would like to search why America is referred to no-vacation nation. Many people
think if they take a week off or vacation from work they will have a fear of losing their job or
their job will be stake of risk. Therefore not many people avoid taking a vacations. I would like
to add a real life example to this situation. I work for a corporate company where I have a coworker who wanted to take a vacation for one months because he was going to visit his 86 year
old mother out of country. Our old manager who was very nave and understanding that he
approved his vacation. Later when the manager got promoted the new manager was appointed
and he disapproved his vacation. He was being told he cannot take this long vacation, if he wants
he can take 2 weeks off and go but not for a month. If he does a one month vacation his job will
be at risk and he will be fired and someone else will be hired to take his place. My only concern
is that person has not taken a single day from work besides regular day off that company gives
everyone two days off every week. That person has his own vacation hours and can take any
time till the end of year. Thats his RIGHT!! This is from where person becomes workaholic
where he has no right to take vacations of his own choice, than why allot them a vacation if you
arent ready. Is it that we just keep working like robots and do not get what we deserve?
Germany is among more than two dozen industrialized countries -- from Australia to
Slovenia to Japan -- that require employers to offer four weeks or more of paid vacation to their

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workers, according to a 2009 study by the human resources consulting company Mercer(
Pawlowski, CNN). Some U.S companies would not want their employees to take more than a
week of vacation. They would want their employees to be on call or check their email even they
are relaxing at home or at beach. I mean seriously, it is a vacation a person can do whatever he
wants besides sitting in front of his laptop and checking his emails or being on phone all the
time. It is their own decision and leaving it on them will be more helpful rather than making
them do stuff on their vacation time.

America is also called the over developed nation. In this article by Miller, bring out the
data that compares us to our peers around the world. According to the Center of American
progress on the topic of work and family. He states that in todays century there are 70 percent of
American children who lives in a household where all the adults are employed. Where in 1960
there was just 20 percent of mothers who used to work. He also compares American Paid
vacation time and sick leave time. He says every country included except Canada and Japan and
U.S (has 13days/week), while other has 20 days paid vacation. While in Finland and France they
get 30 day paid off vacation at least a month vacation. While some companies in US, if you try
to take all your vacation hours at once they wont let you take it. Also somewhere in your heart
you have a risk of losing the job when your boss hears you want a vacation of one month. I
completely do not understand why we have to live under pressure when it is our own paid
vacations or even if it is not paid. Everyone in some point of time needs a break even they work
long hours or no.?

Workaholics are more eager to settle down for excellence in first attempt or effort and
they try to make a point where they are unskilled and clumsy in anything else. Employers may

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say that they want people with balanced lives with inside and outside interest. But, somehow in a
way they encourage their employees with workaholics tendencies. I would prefer if workaholics
learn to balance their professional and personal life equally.

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