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Honors 100 A

My partner is Delaney Butler. During our interview we took turns describing what
type of opportunities we were interested in and what majors we were looking at. I was
interested in service and study abroad (international engagement), and am undecided
about my major. However, I am currently interested in computer science or biology.
Delaney wants to major in Architecture and would like to participate in leadership
opportunities and study abroad. Delaney is also interested in some type of research, but
was unsure about what types of research opportunities are available for architecture

After our meeting, I searched for one leadership, one study abroad, and one
research opportunity that would relate to Delaneys interests. Delaney hinted that she was
interested in the CHID study abroad program in Amsterdam, called Design and Society in
the Netherlands: Visualizing the Invisible. This program takes place in Amsterdam,
Netherlands during the 2015 summer term. It focuses on Dutch design on many levels.
Students have an opportunity to work with local designers, visit museums and studios, and
learn about the history of Dutch design. This program also seems very hands-on and
interactive, which I think would be very appealing to Delaney. I also found a leadership
opportunity in the AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students), which had a chapter
at the University of Washington. There were not that many research opportunities I could
find, but I did find one that is being led by Todd Satter, Master of Science in Architecture
History and Theory, with Committee Members Brian McLaren and Bob Mugerauer. Satters
project is called Architecture as an Image of Thought: Deleuze, Cinematic Movement, and
Time. It deals with the concept of movement as a misunderstood element of architectural

I will elaborate more on the leadership opportunities in AIAS because there seems
to be many interesting ways to get involved with this organization. It is necessary to apply
to become a member of AIAS, but once you are accepted, there are many opportunities
open to you. Firstly, AIAS is a student-run organization, so there are some opportunities to
be a leader in the UWs chapter and even in the national organization. There is also an
opportunity to become a peer mentor within the organization. A peer mentors job is to
help educate fellow members of the organization. In addition to being a peer mentor,
members can also participate in professional mentorship programs, in which members
have the opportunity to meet with professionals in the field. AIAS is also a way to get
involved with other students who are interested in architecture, and can be a good way to
create a sense of community with other students at UW with similar interests.


Architecture as an Image of Thought: Deleuze, Cinematic Movement, and Time (Research):

Design and Society in the Netherlands: Visualizing the Invisible (Study Abroad):