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Understanding By Design Unit

Title of Unit
Curriculum Area
Developed By

Words to Music Arrangement

Music Education
Mr. Sandman

Grade Level
Time Frame

8 Hours

Identify Desired Results (Stage 1)

Content Standards

Arrange a short musical piece by manipulating melody, form, rhythm, and/or voicing. (MU.68.S.1.3)
Create a composition, manipulating musical elements and exploring the effects of those manipulations. (MU.68.O.2.1)
Describe how the combination of instrumentation and expressive elements in a musical work can convey a specific thought, idea, mood, and/or image.
Create a composition and/or performance, using visual, kinesthetic, digital, and/or acoustic means to manipulate musical elements. (MU.68.F.1.1)
Describe how studying music can enhance citizenship, leadership, and global thinking. (MU.68.F.3.1)


Essential Questions

Overarching Understanding

How does music reinforce the lyrical
content of the composition?

What was the most important musical
aspect through the whole arrangement

Related Misconceptions



Students will know

Students will engage with

Phrasing, transition, balance and tempo.

Using previous knowledge in the association of speech and organized sounds to
come up with a musical arrangement.


Students will form groups of 5-7 students to set up the assignment.

Students will then watch 2 videos to use as examples for the spoken word assignment.
The groups will then have 10 minutes to come up with a topic and a simple rhythm that will pertain to the

topic that is chosen by the group.

Once the group the 10 minutes are up, the groups will then perform their spoken word assignment for the
class allowing the creativity to fill the classroom.
Students will then have to get together to create a final project to present to the class. (Based on what was
already presented to the class)
Students should not Xerox the music for the final product. It should be based on the students creativity
and not something that has been written before hand by an artist.
On the following class, the students will have 2 class days to work on their project and will perform for the
class on the second half of Wednesday and the whole day of Friday.
The performance should be no longer than 3 minutes
Students will take notes on each group on what they liked and what they thought could be better and with
a suggestion.
These analysis will be picked up for a grade that will also affect their performance grade.
The following week, students will give feedback and speak about what they thought about the project and
how they came up with what they came up with.