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School Data and Summary Analysis

Use data identified on the Data Sources tab (or from other sources) as the basis for understanding the school and identifying
1. What does the summative data analysis tell you about your schools strengths?
2013 - The summative EOG data signifies that math achievement levels are higher than reading in relationship to the state average.
Third grade math, 5th grade math and 5th grade science were above the state average. All reading tested areas were below the state
average. However, all grades met growth in reading except 6th grade. AMO targets were met for every subgroup with the exception
of "All students" and "White."
2014 - The summative data signifies that reading proficiencies in grades 3 , 5, 7 and 8 were at or above the state average. Grades 3, 4,
5, 6,and 7 math were above the state average. Growth expectations were met in all areas except 4th and 6th grade math.

2. What does the summative data analysis tell you about your schools gaps or opportunities for improvement?
2013 - The summative data reveals that 4th grade, 8th grade and Math I did not meet growth expectations which allows a definite
opportunity for improvement. Also all reading proficiency levels are below the state average. Most federal and state target goals
were met in regards to AMO's.

2014 - The DIP Prioirty Goals 1 and 2 address the areas of needed improvment and identificed strategies: Grade 4,6,and 8 Math and
Math 1 and reading in grades 4 & 6 and English II.

3. Based upon the analysis conducted, what 3-5 top priorities emerge for the school?
Cite relevant evidence from your analysis to support these priorities.
Increase proficiency and growth in 4th grade, 8th grade and Math I.
Increase EOG reading proficiency and English II.
Increase teacher effectiveness in the areas of curriculum, assessment and instruction.

Growth not met in grades 4 (-2.2) and 6 math (-1.3) in 2013-14. Grade 8 Math and Math I were below state average. Grade 8 = 38%
state avg = 42 (-4), Math I = 55.5% State avg = 60 (-4.5)
(2014-15) Grades 4,6 and Eng II proficiency levels remain below the
state average. 4th = -2, 6th = - 3.2, Eng II= -6
Growth expectations were met in all areas except 4th and 6th grade math

Formative Data Analysis

Benchmark 1 - Strengths/Areas of Needed Improvement
2013 - Elementary
Benchmark I Item Analysis for 5th grade Reading:
The ELA benchmark passing rate for the state was 77%.
Standard 2 was reviewed-35 % was the district score.
Item 2 was somewhat confusing- It was a poor question. (Winter Weather Makes Driving More Difficult) The directions said Summarize the last paragraph.
Students scored well with detail and parentheses in Reading.
It was noted that the passages were too long for the students. Especially when trying to retrieve answers. Students seemed to get off track as well because they
had to go back and forth.
It should be recommended that the Reading passages need to be side by side instead of vertical for students to read and review easier on the test.
RL 5 is a focus for all 5th grade. It revealed a low score. (41%)
RL 1 and RI 1 revealed high scores
It appears that vocabulary is scoring high
Benchmark I Item Analysis for 5th grade Math:
Math scores- 59% is a level 3. It is a great deal lower than Reading
NBT 3b (question 24) revealed 17%. This was very low. It focused on a number line. Perhaps it is not going in a certain order. It was confusing for students with
expressions. It appeared hard and would take a lot of reasoning to figure the answer. You had to have a deeper analysis of the problem to figure out the answer.
Question 29 had algebra in it and that has not been reviewed yet.
Question 16 (NBT 2) showed a low score. Scientific notation was a part of that question. It had a lot of steps to figure out the problem.
In the past few years the Math Assessment was 2/3 calculator active and now it is half and half. There are so many questions that are picked that are calculator
based. It is just difficult to balance the assessment evenly.

Benchmark 1 - Strengths/Areas of Needed Improvement


Benchmark I Item Analysis for 5th grade Science:

Science-passing is 67%
Some objectives were on the test that were not covered yet
We need to readjust the pacing guide in Science or change the Assessment
It was noted that this year has flowed much better with the Science pacing guide. Yet we need to increase the time frames taught on each objective within the
pacing guide. There are a lot of materials to teach and it is hard to cover them all in Science.
There were a lot of Eco system questions on the benchmark. Perhaps take out some of those questions and try to balance the types of questions given.
Make sure you are using ClassScape quizzes to practice with students.
There were 24 questions on the Science assessment. Maybe make the Science longer and have about 30 questions next time.
Allowing more time and giving a wide variety of questions on the Science test is a strong suggestion.
It was noted that L3-Genetics should be on the first assessment next year.
It was mentioned that the student should know the difference between the words cardiovascular and respiratory to understand how to acquire the answer.
Clearly understanding academic vocabulary in Science becomes important when trying to answer questions on the Science Assessment.
Benchmark I Item Analysis for 4th grade Reading:
In analyzing the ELA Benchmark questions we should look at 77% as the cut score.
ELA Benchmark Item Analysis (District-Wide)
RL.2 #16- recognizing theme (10% District)
Theme is a difficult concept for fourth graders
The passage was difficult to read
RL.2 #17 (15% District)
Theme related question
Answers C & D are similar
Do we need to question ClassScape about #17?
RL.2 #18 (56% District)
Summarizing the selection
Suggestion: Responding to text by summarizing through response long each night
What is the difference between theme and main idea? Theme can be the central message or lesson, main idea is what the story is mainly about
RL.2 #20 (57% District)
What is the theme of the selection?
The answer be content where you are does not match the answers to question #16 and #17
We will send a challenge to ClassScape
RL.2 #25 (38% District)
What is the theme of the selection?
Students could have missed due to not understanding the vocabulary of the answer choices: loyalty
Some schools did not use paper copies of the passages. The email was sent to principals. Check with your principal at benchmark time to make sure you can get
copies of the passages.
R.I. 2 scores on the district were also lower
RL. 4 was a strength vocabulary
RI.1 was a strength also
The Moon: Earths Satellite: Questions 6-10 (Overall, the answer choices do not match the questions)over the past 2 years, the students have not done well on
this selection. This may not be a passage to continue with on the benchmark.

Benchmark I Item Analysis for 4th grade Math: