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Nicholas S.

SECURITY ACCESS: Active Top Secret/SCI Clearance
Career Objective
To obtain an All-Source Intelligence Analyst position in an environment that highlights my leadership and enthusiasm while
utilizing my management, analytical, combat, and information technology skills.

Professional Experience
October 2012-Present - HHT 1-252 CAB North Carolina Army National Guard
All-Source Intelligence Analyst
Serve as the lead analyst for product assignment, tasking and quality control
Research and create IPB products, personality based products and other DOD/DIA products
Represent battalion leadership during Fusion Cell meetings and collaborative targeting efforts
Responsible for a wide range of SITDEV reporting and dissemination of battlefield S2 products
Provide intelligence assessments and targeting packages to BN and BDE leadership
Responsible for development and training all junior analysts
January 2009-November 2011 - Psychological Operations Sergeant A Co. 5th MISB, 4th MISOG
Military Information Support Operations (MISO) Sergeant
Worked in the U.S. Special Operations Community
Conducted country studies, target audience analysis, psychological operations planning, theater and strategic
CONOP planning (Korea, China, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria), and forward MIST support.
o July 2010-January 2011 - Deployed to the Joint Information Support Task Force (JISTF), Camp As Sayilah,
Qatar in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom
Conducted forward support of all USASOC Military Information Support Teams deployed to
Researched and conducted Target Audience Analysis for strategic, theater, and tactical threats residing
Conducted research and analysis for future CENTCOM CONOPS involving both conventional and
unconventional warfare along with writing portions of the MISO Annexes
Supervised and directed eight civilian contractors conducting social media MISO exploitation
Supervised and trained four subordinates while deployed.
o January 2010 - March 2010 - Exercise Key Resolve, Camp Humphreys, Korea
Conducted Target Audience Analysis, MISO product generation, and CONOP editing for operations
against and in defense of North Korean military aggression
Briefed MISO operations in correlation to combat operations ongoing during exercise scenario
Researched and applied new techniques to current and new Target Audiences
Edited current CONOPs to allow for strategic, theater, and tactical employment of MISO techniques
January 2006-December 2008 - B Troop 4-73 CAV (RECON), 4th BCT, 82nd Airborne Division
Dismount Section Sergeant
Supervised soldiers in combat arms units and the special operations community
Conducted direct action engagements against Anti Coalition Militia in Afghanistan
o December 2006-April 2008 - Deployed to RC EAST, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
Responsible for the training, combat readiness, and direction of five soldiers
Conducted light infantry and reconnaissance combat operations
Directed the 3rd platoon dismount section during direct action combat operations in Paktika, Ghazni,
Paktya, Khowst, and Logar provinces of Afghanistan
Maintained and operated infantry weapons, communications, and reconnaissance equipment

December 2001-December 2005 - D Co. 2-102nd Armor New Jersey Army National Guard
M1A1 Abrams MBT Gunner
Responsible for maintenance and operation along with supervision of the driver and loader
Deployed to the Joint Detention Operations Group, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in support of Operation Enduring
Conducted detention operations in Camps 1,2,3,5, and Echo

Civilian Education
December 2012 - General Associates of the Arts Degree, Central Carolina Community College (3.8 G.P.A.)
January 2011- Present - Working towards a Bachelors of Arts Degree in International Business (3.74 G.P.A.)

Military Education
Military Intelligence Analyst Course 35F; Camp Williams, UT

82 Airborne Advanced Airborne School (Jumpmaster); Fort Bragg, NC

Basic Non-commissioned Officer Course 37F030, JFKSWCS Fort Bragg, NC

August 2013
June 2010
November 2009

Psychological Operations Qualification Course 37F; JFKSWCS Fort Bragg, NC

November 2009

Chinese Mandarin Intermediate Language Course; JFKSWCS Fort Bragg, NC

August 2009

Basic Non-commissioned Officer Course 19D030, US Army Armor School Fort Bragg, NC

August 2008

Unit Movement Officer Course; Fort Bragg, NC

August 2006

US Army Airborne School, Fort Benning, GA

April 2006

One Stop Unit Training 19D Cavalry Scout; US Army Armor School Fort Knox, KY

April 2006

Combat Lifesaver Course; Fort Indiantown Gap, PA

August 2005

Primary Leadership Development Course; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

December 2004

Basic Training-One Stop Unit Training 19K M1 Abrams MBT Armor Crewman;
US Army Armor School Fort Knox, KY

August 2002

Proficient Computer Skills

Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word 2003 & 2007, 2013 Enterprise, FalconView , FBCB2 Certification, MIRC, Google Earth, TED,

Awards and Recognitions

Army Commendation Medal Second Award
Joint Service Achievement Medal
Army Achievement Medal Fourth Award
Good Conduct Medal Second Award
Combat Action Badge
Airborne Qualification Badge
Static Line Jumpmaster Qualification (T-10D, MC1-1, T-11, MC-6, SF-10)

Available upon request
Seeking unique All Source analysts, pos sessi ng a variety of disci plines. T hese a nalysts pos sess the capa bility of fusing intelligen ce infor mation from multiple dis ciplines , to incl ude H uma n Intelligen ce (H UMINT ), Sign Job: All Sour ce/ Targeting I ntel Trainer- Ft. Bragg, N C All Source/ Targeting I ntel Trainer- Ft. Bragg, NC Fort Bragg, NC E ducation: AA or 2 year technical s chool Degree: Related Te chnical Field Mini mum years e xperien ce: 3 years Skill level: Mid Level Substitution: 4 years of additional dire ct relevant technical e xperien ce may be substituted for ed ucation Job Des cription: Conducts all s ource a nalysis training to meet e ducational req uireme nts of the unit/organization. Trains per sonnel to interpret and analyze raw data in the production of i ntelligence from multiple source s to compile , collate, analyz e, and evaluate all -source infor mation to produce intellige nce products as well as how to advi se and brie f seni or leaders hip. Security: Must have or be able to hold an a ctive TS/SCI Position Type: Full -Time/Reg ular Note: Job pe nding win of Contractals I ntelligence (SIGI NT), Communicati ons I ntelligence (COMINT ), I magery Intelligence (IMI NT), a nd Meas urement and Signatur e Intelligen ce (MASIN T). All analysts interested in thi s opportunity must
have experie nce i n several of t he afor eme ntione d dis cipline s. As these positions are uni que, ea ch candi date is en courage d to illustrate their knowle dge of ea ch disci pline. Analysts are res ponsible for providi ng intelligence analysis and all aspects of infor mation gathering, resear ch, threat asse ss ments and pr edi ctive analysis as part of a Special Operations F orces (SOF) a nalytical team (or in support of SOF ) Employees must maintain glo bal readines s and be available to de ploy on a no-notice basis to ha zardous duty/combat z one s. Depl oyme nts may be to a s peci fic theater of operations into per missive, uncertain, or hostile environments while living in austere conditions for exten ded periods A mini mum of 8 years relevant experien ce is require d, with at least 3 years in direct s upport of S OF units; Candi dates must have at least 5 years rece nt