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David Arutiunian
Professor Lewis
English 114A
Reflective Preface
As a student at California State University, Northridge, I have learned many new things.
One of my favorite classes at California State University, Northridge was English 114A. My
professor, Kimberly Lewis, has taught me to be a better writer. Coming to Csun, I was afraid that
English was going to be a really difficult class where we have to write numerous papers over ten
pages. But, I was definitely wrong. I have had a great English professor teach me how to become
a better student. I have done many great assignments including Progression One, Progression
Two, and Progression Three, which helped me become a better writer.
Before attending California State University, Northridge, I was rusty in writing essays. I
was afraid that my writing skills would not be efficient enough in university. Being in my
English 114A class, I have gone through a long journey to improve my writing. We began with
Progression One, which included a personal narrative essay. This essay asked me to write about
my favorite restaurant. I chose to write about Taco Spot, since it is my favorite place to eat. I
enjoyed writing essay because it made me reminisce the good times my friends and I had there.
We also had to write two letters about an article that talked about obesity. The first letter was
written to a friend and the other letter was written to the writer. I wrote the first letter to my
mom, asking her what she thought about the article. I asked her what she thought about obesity
and who should be blamed for it: the fast food corporation, or the consumer? I wrote the second
letter to the author, telling him what I thought about his article. I told him that I enjoyed reading


it and I definitely agree with what he said about obesity. It was a great article to read for
Progression 1. Although Progression One was fun, the next one was much more enjoyable.
Progression Two was my favorite because it helped me write better in essays. Our
Progression Two essay was ethnography. I believe that Starbucks is a fast food restaurant, rather
than just a caf, so I conducted a survey to support my argument. I learned many new ways to
communicate with people after talking to a numerous amount of people. The ethnography
assignment improved my interaction and writing abilities by helping me open up to people and
apply information into essays.

Writing papers have always been enjoyable in English 114A because it gave us an

opportunity to express ourselves. Progression Three was great because we had an argumentative
essay. I argued that the fast food corporations are to be blamed for the obesity epidemic. This
paper helped gain writing and arguing skills. This essay taught me that both sides always have a
story in an argument. Using these skills can help me become a much more successful
businessman. English 114A is a great class that influenced me to become a better speaker and
English 114A has taught me many new things that I can carry on in my college journey. I
have seen many changes in my writing. Using my knowledge gained throughout this year, I have
noticed that my writing skills have improved drastically. I understand everything that is needed
in order to write a good paper. Transition sentences are quite significant in writing good
paragraph. I noticed that I use these skills in my daily life as well. Any time I get into an
argument, I gather evidence from credible sources and use it towards my advantage. Overall, I
am a much better speaker, writer, and listener after taking English 114A.