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Unit 3: Change

DVD unit 3, book:p22 ex3, p23 ex 5-9-7, p24 ex 2-3, p25 ex 6-7 (prep to present)

ex 3










To carry out

to implement








putting in place

Ex 5
-infrastructure( the information and communication technologies applied to the workplace)
- physical environment, architecture and the use of space, the way an office should be build
en laid out
-more generally, they deal with the cultural aspects of a company, like working practises

Ex 7
Accommodate special requirements/ requests

generate ideas/interests

Achieve targets/objectives

exchange knowledge/points of view

Anticipate potential difficulties/objections

assess performance/ a situation

Facilitate development/growth

measure progress/productivity

Ex 9
*low productivity because of a low morale
*more training, let them feel more valued, give them more deadlines so they will be more
competitive when they have a challenge, job rotation

Kloppen deze?

ex 2
2) middle managers are under increasing pressure -> flexible working revolution means that
management will become more about resourcing and measuring results than about following
day to day procedures
Demuting = working remote without the need of the office
Report = trend of home working -> positive social side effects, flexible work will revive local
communities, larger communities will become more personal and people-friendly

Ex 3
1. just to fill you in on some of the background
2. Thats something to think about and I will return to this point later
3. so Ive decided my talk up into three sections
4. Id like to start by saying a few words about
5. demuting = working remotely from wherever you are, and not needing to travel to an office
Career nomads = employees who dont longer think in terms of a job for life, but move
6. moving on now to
7. binge-time careerism= where employees work non-stop for an agreed period and then
take the equivalent amount of time off
Shadow careers= when amateur activities are pursued to professional standards
8. turning to the next point
9. As I said earlier
10. Just to digress for a second
11. and this brings me to the last point
12. So this brings me to the end of my talk

Ex 6
a. future simple
b. fairly
c. as it is a prediction, will and be going to are interchangeable.
d. Be going to implies that the speaker has evidence to support their views.

Ex 7
a. to be (present simple) + adverb + infinitive
b. fairly
c. several, e.g. will probably, are going to, are bound to
d. Some structures change the meaning, i.e. are bound to means it is extremely certain