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Our Ecological Model of Talent Development
Resources and Contextual Factors Needed to do Well Immediate Key Relationships Individual

•Balance Challange/Stress •Budget/Personnel - Fit with Demand •Leadership and Organisational Culture impacting on delivery •Teams •Immediate Supervisor •Immediate Subordinates •Key Suppliers, Customers and Stakeholders •Internal development •External relationship and action development


Immediate Key Relationships
 Team member skills  Upwards management skills  People, Business, Ethical, Change and Risk Management skills to fit level of responsibility  Customer, colleague and Stakeholder management skills

Resources and Contextual Factors Needed to Do Well
 Balance of Stress and Challenge to fit role  Critical mass of political and resources support for role  Budget and Personnel fit with role demands  Direct impacts of leadership and organisational culture -supportive or derailments

 Integrity - links between verbal (say) and behaviours (do)  Alignment of thoughts, feelings and actions  Abilities (rational, emotional and social)  Competencies – self management, collaboration, social skills, leadership

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