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That session in the hospital in the hospital when I had been married one

month,and the nurse came and sat on the bed and said she had heard I didnt care if I
went home for christmas The truth is I couldnt face what I was going home to. I
instinctively knew it was very bad to lie about this but I couldnt bear tell the truth. It was
too humiliating.I didnt tell her anything.To my friends, I said I fell down. I did not intend
to cover for him but for myself... for the confusion and humiliation...for finding myself in
this unbelievable position. Martha R. Mahoney, Legal Images of Battered Women:
Redefining the Issue of Separation, 90 Mich. L. Rev. 1 (1991) Manipulation can create
many conflicts in a persons life and it affects the way they interact with others but it can
be avoided. There are a lot of different aspects of manipulation, they include how
manipulation changes people, different ways to manipulate, how manipulation creates
conflict and how someone can avoid manipulation.
Lying, personality changes, turning against one another and playing off
emotions are all ways to manipulate someone. Manipulation usually leads to some kind
of abuse or its the other way around. In the article Domestic Violence in Historical and
Social contract its says Abusers frequently use violence or other abuse tactics to gain
control of their partners Usually when a person gets abused their partner manipulates
them to continue to stay with them by threatening them or promising things will get
better. One of the main reasons that people who get abused stay with their partners is
because of FEAR. People who abuse almost always threaten their partners. This quote
is from the article Guest Viewpoint: Understanding the many faces of Domestic Violence.
Manipulation and Domestic Violence, sadly to say, are like two peas in a pod they come
one after the other.

Manipulation can do many things to people and the main thing that it does is
create conflict between people. In the play Othello, the character Othello starts having
internal and external conflicts. Internal conflicts meaning a conflict with yourself and
external conflict meaning with another character. Othello has a conflict with Iago because
he is the one that is making Othello think that Desdemona is cheating on him with
Cassio. (Othello to Cassio) You villain, youd be better be able to prove my wifes a
whore! Be sure of it. Get me proof I can see. If you cant, trust me, you won't want to feel
my rage! This quote from the play Othello shows Othello and Iago having conflict with
each other and its all because of Iagos plan to manipulate Othello. Iago is doing a good
job with his master plan to manipulate Othello into believing that his wife Desdemona is
cheating on him with another man. Othello ends up getting into an internal conflict with
himself. He is so frustrated he doesnt know if he should believe Iago and he doesnt
want to but then Iago gives him proof that actually isnt real and it really messes with his
head. Manipulation does many things to people and creating conflict is at the top of the
Manipulation changes people by making them abusive. In the movie O there is
abuse shown between Othello and Desdemona, although its not physical abuse it is verbal
abuse. Othello yells at Desdemona Where is my scarf? .. You lost it! . Does
Michael know where my scarf is?. In the book Othello, Othello physically abuses her.
On (pg ??) it says (striking her) You devil.This evidence shows that since Iago/Hugo
started putting ideas into Othellos head about Desdemona cheating on him he has
become very abusive towards her. Iago/Hugos plan to manipulate Othello is working and
it is causing Othello to become very abusive towards poor Desdemona and she cannot do

anything about it. Othello and Desdemonas relationship became very abusive after the
manipulation started which proves that it was the cause of all this.
It is very rare where you hear a story about someone who was able to avoid being
manipulated. In the movie O many characters get manipulated, one character in
particular tried to avoid it. Hugo (Iago) did not only manipulate Oden (Othello) he also
manipulated Roger (Roderigo), he did not want to have any blood on his hands at the end
of all this so he manipulated Roger into doing his dirty work. In one scene in the movie
O Roger tried to say that he did not want to help Hugo anymore but Hugo is very
persuasive and Roger then had no choice but to help him. This evidence shows how in the
movie O Roger tried to avoid being manipulated by Hugo. He tried to avoid being
manipulated but sadly it didnt work but in some cases it does work. Sometimes all you
have to do is say NO or talk to someone about what is going on so that they can help you
avoid being manipulated.
Manipulation can create many conflicts in a persons life and it affects the way
they interact with others but it can be avoided. All the evidence I have given shows the
effects of manipulation and what it does to people. Manipulation is a very serious issue
and it is something that not many people know much about. Tell people, let them be
aware they could be getting manipulated without even knowing. Everyone in the world
should be more aware of manipulation and they should be doing whatever they can to

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