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Criterion D: Evaluating

Self-evaluation of my logo design:

Discuss your performance at each stage (A-D) of the process:
A. INVESTIGATE: Please rate your performance

I completed extensive research and investigation into logos and my chosen cause
I completed moderate research and investigation into logos and my chosen cause
I completed limited research and investigation into logos and my chosen cause

B. DESIGN: How successful would you describe your design in regards to the elements and
principles of design and the values of your chosen cause?
I think my design was very successful because it gets the message of the cause across and
also features line, shape, colour, pattern and harmony.
C. PLAN: How well did you show the development of your design, including clear
annotations, in the initial drawing stages of your design and in your use of ICT?

Very good



No evidence

D. CREATE: How successful is your final logo for your T-shirt?

Talk about what you did well, whether you followed your plan, and what you could have done
I think my final logo looked a lot better than the initial sketch I had completed, it looked a lot
more professional and looked less like a sketch. I think if I did this again I would try and make

some aspects of the logo 3D to add more emphasis on the quote.

Which other students work do you most admire and why?
I like Francescas a lot because I think you did a really great job at drawing it and it looks very

professional overall. It also delivers the message of the cause very well.

Peer Evaluation of your logo design:

Peer Evaluators Name: Tessa
The following is a list of statements to respond to. Think carefully before assigning rating values for
each of the statements.
1-Strongly Agree


Elements & Principles:
The logo design is successful
in applying the elements and
principles of design and the
values of the chosen cause.

The Cause:
The logo design clearly
identifies the organisation to
which the cause belongs.

Communication of Values:
The values or aims of the
cause are clearly



5-Strongly Disagree

Peer Feedback

Your Response

1.The representation of the

logo is very accurate and it
shows the values of the
chosen cause. I think that it
shows a good message in the
logo and is very good.

I think this is true since I tried to

apply the principles and
elements of design properly.

2.The logo clearly shows a

message and is clearly visible.
I think that if she put a website
if could have been a bit more
helpful for people wanting to
find out more information.

I think this is true, I should have

included more information for
people to further look into the
Mcgrath foundation.

1.Her values and aims were

very clear and show a very
good understanding of her

I think this is partially true, I

think I could have perhaps
communicated my causes
aims a bit better.